It has been a bit rainy for a few days.

by Holly

A bit that has completely shut down NASCAR and the 100,000 people that form a temporary town a few miles from my home. Let’s bring on a little potluck cheer…

MUCH better.

Here is a little story about my NASCAR experience yesterday – I was given tickets through Girlfriend Getaway DFWwhich just ended *sob* and was sponsored by the North Texas Chevy Dealers:

I am hoping to go out to the race today…if it stops raining!

Thanks so much to Girlfriend Getaway which was a ton of fun.

My favorite Googling reader this week landed here after searching,

2010 I want to post on the internet”

I am proud to receive this guest which should prove that ANYONE can post on the internet.

Case closed.

I love comments, but I especially loved the comments on two of my posts this last week. The ones on The Teddy Story are filled with heart tugging stories of childhood loveys. And then there are those like this one in response to my Nerf Weapons post:

I am so appreciating the Nerf Two-Handed Battle-Axe. I ™m considering the ad campaign. For when a Nerf Hatchet just won't get the job done ¦.  — Lori from Martha Points

Later on Twitter @ibenjaminbarnes added, “nerfocutions?” which just made me giggle.

What is Up with Holly’s Coccyx?

I have a really important Coccyx-related kinda post later this week…

I know! I know! You can hardly wait.

All I can say is that “What is Up with Holly’s Coccyx?” may soon be replaced by “How toned is Holly’s butt?”

I run a classy joint here.

In Potluck-related news:

The consensus was in favor of a potluck meme.

So, yes…there will be a potluck linky. I think it will start 2 weeks from today, but if you happen to find yourself throwing a impromptu potluck before then, please let me know and I will link to ya next week.

Feel free to steal any badges or make some of your own for me to steal.

Today’s story is a playlet that was recorded verbatim by blog-Stedman:

\blog-Stedman is driving and the three boys are in the car**

Reid(6): Mommy, I mean Daddy, why can’t we watch “UP!” yet?

Daddy: Because we haven’t previewed it yet.

Ryan(9): People in my class say it is bad.

Rhett(4): What is “Upyet?”

\fade to black**

What is in Holly’s Fruit Bowl?

A broken barrette and a deck of Sonic’s Deep-Sea TOTS Coral Reef Concentration game.

I have some fruit, but it didn’t make it into the bowl this week.


Today my hope for you is if perchance you invite 100,000 people over for an outdoor event this afternoon, the perchance of rain is low…