A couple of years ago at our office gift exchange a co-worker gave everyone something called “Poo-Pourri.”

by Liz

No one had ever heard of it before and we thought it was a total joke. Turns out, it was a real thing that actually worked. Spray this liquid into the toilet before you use it and there would be no smell afterwards. So smart!

I realized recently how incredibly easy it was to make my own toilet spray. It works just as well as the original and costs way less. Plus, I get to pick the scent!


To make this, you just need three ingredients: witch hazel, essential oils and water.

I used a really small bottle because I made a bunch to give out as gifts and stocking stuffers. This green bottle is perfect for holiday gifts, especially if you add a little red ribbon or Christmas sticker.

So, this recipe fits perfectly in a 1.5oz bottle. Double or triple it for anything bigger.

  1. Place 15 drops of witch hazel into your glass bottle
  2. Then, add 15 drops of Purification essential oil
  3. Fill the rest with water
  4. Put the lid on and shake it up

Easy, right?

Purification oil is a blend of citronella, rosemary, tea tree, lemongrass, and others. It is a really clean smell and is known for neutralizing odors so it works absolutely perfect for this!

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