Do you or your kids struggle with how to sleep better? I know my kids go through a phase where they struggle with activities as the go to sleep either going to sleep or staying asleep. It is frustrating.

by Rachel

These are some of the things we have done to help encourage sleep in our kiddos (and with ourselves).


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Use a weighted blanket. If your child (or you) are a sensory aware individual, sometimes the stimulation of a heavy blanket can help your body relax and you can sleep more deeply.

Imagine that your body is very heavy. Start at the bottom of your toes and clench each muscle and then relax it and make it feel heavy . As you go up your body you will drift off.

Are you traveling? Still need a crib? Use a laundry basket. You can pack your stuff in the basket and at night your tot can sleep there.


Mix a sleepy bedtime drink that is full of melatonin “ from a natural source, tart cherry juice. Drink this bedtime drink an hour or so before bed so you will be relaxed when you hit the covers

Lavender oil. A medical study from Minnesota said that using lavender oil helped individuals get 42 min of REM sleep, which is the most restorative sleep, when compared to Ambien.

If you aren’t sure about taking the supplements we mentioned earlier, you can get the same benefits through snacks! Having a small bedtime snack of bananas can be a natural sleep remedy that will help you rest better. Bananas have potassium and magnesium which make them an excellent choice before bed. Kids are likely to sleep longer if they go to bed with a small amount of food in the bellies as well!

Check out the Coos to Snooze ecourse – it is a brilliant system designed to get your baby sleeping and what’s more, if it doesn’t get your baby to sleep, you get your money back.

Make your own mattress for help sleeping in a natural way! This is an amazing tutorial and they will send you some products to make your own when you order as well!

The food we eat can either help us sleep better or make sleep more difficult. Keep a journal of your kids eating and sleeping habits (and your own!) to figure out what foods help and which ones negatively affect their sleeping patterns.


Try and ditch the nightlight. I know kids think they need them to sleep well, but the reality is often the light is actually keeping your kids awake, and disrupting their deep sleep.

Need to help your kids learn how to sleep faster? Try a sensory bottle! Your child can have fun playing in bed counting the starts until they drift off to sleep. They shouldn’t fight sleep quite as much since they don’t realize the bottle is really helping them drift off to sleep, they’ll just think they are playing!

Yoga is not just for adults! Get your kids started with some simple poses before bed to help them relax before bedand calm down from a busy day of playing. This can help them get to sleep faster and provide a calming element to your bedtime routine.

Have a list of things you’ll need done first thing in the morning, and take care of those things before bed. So many people have trouble thinking because they can’t turn off their internal to-do list. By taking care of some things before bed you (and your kids) will be able to rest easy knowing that you are ready for the next morning.

Keep in mind that your school night bedtime routine may look a bit different than your routine in the summer or weekend. But having a bed routine every night will improve your sleeping and it can help your kids sleep longer as well!

Say no to the TV. Cut out all electronic device use at least one hour before bedtime. The light and movement on the screen wakes and grabs the attention of the brain. You want a calm brain for bed.

Count sheep but as you count, take a deep, deep breath and let it out slowly and completely until it feels like there is no air in your chest. These deep breaths will help you nod off.

Is your mattress toxic? Is it causing you to toss & turn? Is it a good fit for you?

Sleep better and wake more rested with yogic sleep. It’s a simple process and you or your kids can do together. This can help you get that deep sleep and well rested feeling all of us moms need so desperately.


Warm milk and honey “ it is a common bedtime drink. The proteins are great for keeping your tummy full longer, so you sleep more deeply.

Magnesium Gummies. Magnesium deficiency can cause sleeplessness. If you are low on magnesium, consider taking a supplement like this to get better sleep at night and to help you sleep through the night.

Give your baby a massage to sooth them to sleep. As you leave the room be sure you have a peace and calming oil diffusing to keep them in that restful state for as long as possible.

If you are skipping cribs for your kids, or traveling, consider placing a pool noodle under the sheet of your child’s bed. This will help keep them on the mattress at night so you don’t have to keep waking up to readjust the kids.

Invest in a baby sleep pillow or try different ways of swaddling. Sometimes babies have their own opinions on how they should sleep, so taking the time to learn their own habits can help you all sleep better through the night.

Drink a smoothie! Who knew that a smoothie with almonds, yogurt and cherries would promote sleep. I didn’t until I tried it!

As crazy as it might sound putting your kids to bed earlier can help them sleep longer. Little ones need a lot more sleep than adults do, so finding that “sweet spot” at night when they need to go to bed can end up keeping them in their beds longer which will mean more rest at night and happier days.

Try to keep the meltdowns to a minimum. A child getting all worked up before bedtime is a recipe for poor sleep! Try calmer, no-cry night time approaches at night that will soothe them quietly to bed, without taking all evening.

Have enough beds for every one! When people come to visit, often there aren’t enough beds to go around. This doesn’t mean every one can’t get a great night’s sleep if you have a sofabed! Pull out more resting places with ease and let everyone get amazing sleep, even away from home.

Have you ever spend some nights in a hotel and not really wanted a kicking kiddo next to you in bed all night? Try this chair trick to make every one have their own space! Push two of the large arm chairs next to each other to make an extra bed for the kids. Chances are they will be arguing over who gets to sleep in the cool new bed and every one will sleep easier with a little more distance between them.

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Not sleeping is miserable! We hope these hacks can help you and your kids start getting the good sleep you need and make your bedtime routine a breeze!


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