Health Hacks for Moms

Time is valuable and moms are important, but often as moms it feels like we don’t have the time to take care of ourselves.

If time is a precious commodity to you, maybe you will appreciate some of these health and beauty hacks that can help you be most efficient with your time.

​Exercises for Moms

Get rid of the excuses. Do your stretching exercises before you even get out of bed with these ideas.

Exercise the lazy way… With no special equipment. Most of these you can do with your kids nearby – no special equipment needed.

Planks – They are a full core workout! Here are 20+ planks that will help build your core, quickly.

It’s a real mom exercise routine – to help you bond with your baby – try walking up the steps skipping a step with each step, while carrying your tot.

Melt the mommy pouch with Boat Rocks – bring your baby along for these exercises.

​Health and Beauty Solutions

Guys! This really works. I have used a recipe similar to this Sugar Paste to remove my unwanted hairs.

Curly hair can be so crazy! Get it under control by eliminating this ingredient from your wash routine.

Say good bye to blackheads using lemons and honey. Just squeeze a couple of drops of honey onto your lemon and rub it on your face.

Have glowing skin even if you didn’t get all the rest you needed with diy Vitamin C skin serum.

SO many ways to use Epsom Salts. Epsom salts are cheap and can be used as a health booster – so many easy ways to incorporate it into your health.

Add fiber – to your eyes. 3D lashes are awesome at adding volume and making your eye lashes look bigger than they really are.

Health Tips for Moms

Hydrogen peroxide is a super handy “must-have” for every medicine cabinet. Not only can you use it with your kids cuts and scrapes there are so many other ways to use hydrogen peroxide we bet you never thought of before.

Do your back and feet ache after walking around with a toddler on your hip all day? Use a tennis ball to relieve foot pain.

A batch of homemade pedialyte can help your kids bounce back faster from a day in the sun or illness. Make your own.

Sunburns hurt when we get them, but it’s even worse when our kids get red! Use Aloe Vera Cubes – freeze the gel (make sure it is 100% AV) and then rub on your burns. It will feel SO good!

Prevention is half the battle to protecting your home from illness. Make hand washing easier for your kids, create a sink extender.

Save money and chemicals!! Make your own deodorant paste. Chemical-free and it works. Use essential oils to scent the paste.

​Ideas for Sick Kids

No more needles! Use a baking soda paste to help remove splinters. Just put a dab on, cover with a bandaid and scrape the splinter away an hour later.

Prevent tummy bugs. When one strikes your home, give out doses of Grape Juice Solution to help protect those who don’t have the bug.

Diy Rice Water. This is a great way to help rebuild your kids electrolytes after they have been sick.

Cavities. Kids are so prone to getting them. Make a batch of homemade toothpaste that remineralizes your teeth.

Make a chart on the side of your Medicine bottle with days – use a marker to check it off. Now you can know if you skip a dose.

​Give your kids (or yourself) detox baths. These are a quick and easy way to try and beat a cold, quickly and early.

Locking Medicine Cabinet. This is so necessary to protect your kids and your sanity. Get a box that is easy to lock/un-lock with a simple code.

You can create your own first aid kit. Fill it with items you might need and have one ready and waiting at home and in the car!

Intentionally seek out moments to connect with your kids. Here are 25 Ideas.

Have a toddler that can’t fall asleep? Try this secret food to help them snooze.

Emotional health is often forgotten. One of our top tips for an emotionally healthy home, is to have less.

Give your kids compliments. Kids need to hear that they are loved and appreciated.

Get organized. A clutter free home leads to a less cluttered mind. Give yourself room to think.

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About the Author:

Rachel Miller is the original Quirky Momma of Kids Activities Blog and co-author of 101 Kids Activities that are the Bestest, Funnest Ever! & The 101 Coolest Simple Science Experiments. Rachel can now be found blogging at One Crazy House .