Bathroom Tips! I need them. We are often looking for Bathroom hacks and tips to be cleaner, have a more peaceful and organized bathroom.

by Rachel

This room is one of the quickest to become cluttered – we have been collecting Hacks for the House – and I love these bathroom tricks that help make cleaning faster and easier.


How to clean a jet tub “ with a few minuets and two common household ingredients.

Tips to clean a bathroom: Keep your toilet clean longer, smelling fresher and help de-clog buildup with the help of toilet bombs. They cost pennies to make.

Create your own organized centers and containers to help keep all your bathroom products in their right “homes”.

Magnetic strips for hair supplies, tweezers, nail files, etc. Why didn't I think of this? Get the strips on Amazon (affiliate)

You don't need to settle for a dingy toilet scrubber. Transform a fun vase or jar into a scrubber holder.


Get rid of the gunk in the cabinet edges with vegetable oil and baking soda. It really works!

I love this! Cut notches into your medicine cabinet to store toothbrushes.

Get rid of calcium deposits and soap buildup from your shower faucet with lemons and baking soda.

Do you have a hard time getting bleach into the crevices of the grout in your bathtub? Ours are grubby. Gotta try it!

Is your make-up overtaking your bathroom, here is a collection of Make-up hacks that you will love. (Pictured is adding lavender oil to your mascara – brilliant).


Have a cleaning bucket in each room, including the bathrooms – that site has suggestions and brilliant ideas “ no more hunting for the supplies you need.

This under-the-sink-remodel cost under $15 and uses a tension rod for the cleaning bottles.

Get rid of the soap scum off of the shower doors using panty hose and a magic eraser “ you will be shocked! Thanks A Real-Life Housewife for Ask Anna for the idea!

In the midst of potty-training? Have a stocked basket of essentials nearby and handy to help your kids and make clean-ups a breeze.

Great tips on how to clean ANYTHING with as little effort as possible… my kind of list!


Check out how this mom hid the toothbrushes, and yet had them organized so her kids could easily find them. Velcro cups. Genius.

Affix PVC piping to the edge of your shower caddy. It's a great place to hang razors so you can shave in the shower.

Keep toothbrushes behind cabinet doors using PVC piping.

Create a makeup and/or essential oil tub out of TP tubes and a plastic tub. We covered our tube rings with wrapping paper. Looks great and is handy.

PVC tubes can be used to keep hair curlers and other tools hidden and accessible. Love this site “ it's a Handy gal's dream!

Make a statement with your soap. This mom filled her soap bottles with Legos.


Update old bathroom fixtures for under 4$ using mason jars. I love how these turned out!

Say goodbye to a fogged up mirror. Lightly rub a bar of soap over the surface of the mirror. Then buff it.

Upgrade your builder tub with a stone face lift. These are super easy to apply, or she makes it seem that way!

Have style and your supplies handy “ with DIY Mason jars. Looks nifty.

Originally created for tech devices, the Grid-It is a perfect way to organize make-up with out taking up a drawer. You can lean this against the wall in the cabinet and the makeup items won’t fall out. Great for travel.