by Rachel

Anyone else short on time? Too much to do an too little time?? You don’t need hours or fancy products to get your house spic-and-span.

These cleaning hacks will help you get the most out of your time and your wallet.

Raid your pantry! Check out all the things you can do with baking soda – or the ways you can use vinegar – instead of powerful chemicals!

Create a cleaning schedule and stick to it!

Work the list. Go room by room and deep clean. This printable task list is super helpful!

Pillowcases are a great way to collect the dust from the top of ceiling fan blades. Follow up with a damp microfiber cloth.

Get rid of the grime on those treasured legos with a wash cycle in clothes washer. Use a lingerie bag to contain the pieces.

DIY Magic Blue Cleaner. We have used this recipe for ages! It gets rid of soap scum and oil build up like none other! Mix dish detergent with vinegar. We also have 7 other recipes for homemade cleaners.

After you vacuum use static electricity to collect the bits left in the crevices. Rub a rubber gloved hand along the edges. You will be surprised at how much you will be able to collect – one of many cleaning tips. The lint sticks to the glove as you rub.

Plastic Bags are great! Reuse them as trash bags. The smaller bag will mean you will take it out more often, saving on odors, and you are reusing a shopping bag at the same time! Here are another 35+ things you can do with a plastic shopping bag.

Lemons and salt are all you need to make your stainless steel sink shine. Perk: After you wiped out the sink, chop up the lemon and run it through the garbage disposal. Your garbage disposal will be clean and your kitchen will smell wonderful.

Rubbing alcohol will get rid of permanent marker stains. We have used rubbing alcohol with a magic eraser to get rid of permanent marker off of our wood floors. Hand-sanitizer and highlighters both have similar properties and are easy to use if you don’t have rubbing alcohol on-hand or want something slightly less harsh/concentrated.


Are you trying to vacuum in tiny crevices? Use a ketchup or glue lid to help direct the suction.

No more musty washer! De-gunk your washing machine with vinegar in one empty cycle, bleach in another – Check the link for more specific instructions.

Use a makeup brush to get debris from the crevices of keys on the keyboard – this site has many other tips on how to clean tech devices.

Wax vents to keep dust from piling up on them. It takes awhile but the dust won’t stick in the future making clean-up a breeze.

Sponges getting stinky? Or your microfiber cloths?? Get them damp and stick them into the microwave for thirty seconds. The heat will kill the smelly bacteria.

Fight oil with oil. Vegetable shortening is great to get rid of kitchen build-up. That is our fridge, the streak is after we wiped two strokes with a rag and shortening. It’s lovely! If you have stubborn burnt spots, mix oil with baking soda for extra cleaning oopmf.


Don’t work up a sweat scrubbing dried food from your microwave. Heat a bowl with vanilla extract and lemon. The steam will help release the food. The lemon cleans and the vanilla releases a soothing scent! P.S. Add a tablespoon of vinegar and add the microwave liquid to a spray bottle – you have DIY homemade fabreeze! It will freshen up the room.

Steam clean your waffle iron using wet paper towels. Let it simmer for a min or two then wipe. The crumbs and sticky residue will be lifted and easier to wipe off. Inspired by Momma’s Spot on.

Potty-training your kiddos?? Use puppy pads underneath a set of sheets to help protect mattresses and make clean-up easier in the middle of the night for an accident prone child. Have the bed made below the puppy pad – if they have an accident remove the top sheet and the pad and go back to bed.

Portion control soap – this is a winning tip if you have kids who *love* to wash. Your soap will last longer and you won’t have residue around your bathroom. This also works well for dish soap.

Collect the bits of eye shadow and other powdery substances from your bathroom drawers using playdough. Perk: The shiney dough is fun to play with after you are done cleaning!


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