by Rachel

I remember with fondness the battles over “space” and the closeness of late night chats with my siblings as I grew up sharing a room. I hope to give our kids the gift of comrade by through shared space. With our recent adoption, space is at a premium.

We were thrilled to discover this tutorial by Handmade Dress where they had a triple stacked bunk! It would work great for the girls bedroom… BUT it screws into the wall. We wanted a more adaptable version, in case the kids decided to switch rooms, we have to move, or if they wanted to change the layout of the bunks. With the help of the friendly lumber assistants at Lowes, we were able to create our own freestanding triple bunks. Click any of the photos on this page to be directed to more detailed plans.

  • 18 carriage bolts and nuts.
  • 2×6 boards
  • 2×4 boards
  • 2×3 boards
  • 3 sheets of plywood – all cut to be 39 3/4″ x 75 inches.
  • Box of wood screws 3″ long.
  • Gel Stain
  • Rub-on Polyurethane
  • Table Saw
  • Router
  • Drill
  • Power Hand Sander – otherwise you’ll spend hours sanding!

We were able to borrow a router, if not we would have rented one – we used it to mold the edges so they were slightly curved. It really added a polished look to the finished product! We do have a circular saw, but we barely used it as the staff at Lowes cut the wood for us. Saved us work and helped us fit the pieces into our van. Thanks Lowes!!


2×6 Boards. 6 boards 80″ long; 6 boards 40″ long {These will make the bed “box”}

2×4 Boards. 6 boards 66″ long; 2 boards 43 3/8″ long {Those will make the uprights for the top bunk}; 2 boards 40″ long; 2 boards 25 inches long {These will support the middle bunk}; 4 boards 20″ long {the steps of the ladders}; 16 boards 7 1/4″ long {These are the supports between steps in the ladder}.

2×3 Boards: 2 boards 60″ long {Top Bunk’s guard rail}; 15 boards roughly 40″ long {NOTE: These are the supports for the bed platforms. If your wood is slightly bowed as ours was you may need to measure these after you get your bed box created and cut to fit}

We have happy kiddos – they love the New Year with their new beds!! I love the floor space in what was before a crowded bedroom! Thanks Lowes and the Creative Ideas Network for our new bedroom. If you are looking for other weekend projects, check out their website and facebook page – they have tons of inspiring ideas. For more details, click on any image on this page and you can see the PDF of “plans” that we put together.

Are your kids in bunk beds? What age did you move your children into bunk beds?


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Did you put down box springs as well? Also, it looks like in the photos you have something larger than a wood screw in the corners of each bed box. What did you use to attach them? Did you use any corner braces on the inside the bed box? Any more close-up photos you could provide of the hardware and how it's attached would be helpful. Thank you!