7 Sure-Fire Ways of Boosting Your Child's Concentration

Struggling to get your child to focus on studies? Here are 7 ways which are sure to boost your child's concentration.

Struggling to get your child to focus on studies or activities? Having a tough time dealing with a distracted child? Well, here are 7 sure-fire ways which are sure to boost your child’s concentration. Take a look:

1. Ensure That They Eat a Healthy Diet

The diet of your child plays a vital role in his or her ability to concentrate. If your child’s diet is rich in sugary and junk food your child will be more sluggish due to the sugar rush. Since this sugar rush crashes quickly, it leaves your child hungry and cranky in no time. So it’s best to avoid soft drinks, sweets, junk food etc. Make it a point to include lots of veggies, fruits and food rich in protein such as eggs, lean meat etc. Such healthy foods help boost your child’s concentration and brain power.

2. Explore New Methods of Learning

Remember the ‘one size does not fit all’ mantra. Learning method differs from child to child. Hence, you should understand which learning technique suits your child the best. It can be anything – auditory lessons, doodling, drawing, music, reading aloud, flash cards or even videos. For instance, if a child is shy and cannot actively participate in group learning, online tutorials are a great option to help your child learn faster and better. Online learning tutorials employ experienced tutor s who are trained to educate children in an online environment and help them grasp difficult subjects with ease.

3. Make a Routine

Routines are really important as they discipline your child’s mind. Repeating a task daily at the same time eventually develops into a habit. If you fix a certain time for your child’s study session, after a certain period of time, your child will adapt to these sessions effortlessly. This is primarily because the mind will be trained to perform a certain task at the dedicated hour and hence will be more willing to do it.

4. Engage Them in Games Which Build Concentration

Some children simply learn faster if they are taught through games. Today, you can easily find a plethora of options for games which help build your child’s concentration. Here are some such examples:

· Sequencing – Simple tasks like putting things in numerical or alphabetical order, setting the table or following a recipe are some of the most effective options which can strengthen your child’s focus.

· Being Still – It needs the child to stand or sit still without fidgeting. This requires a lot of focus. Children are mostly hyperactive, so such games challenge them to use all their focus and it also pushes them to concentrate better in order to win.

· Thinking Games – Jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, memory card games all help in improving your child’s attention for pictures, numbers, words etc. These games require thinking, planning and use of memory and help develop, train and strengthen a child’s ability to concentrate.

Beware of the gadget trap when it comes to choosing such games. Yes, these gadgets do offer a lot more flexibility but your child is exposed to digital screens which can harm the eyesight in the long run. So always try and choose regular toys, board and card games.

5. Break Down the Study Schedule

It is often difficult for most of the children to grasp or learn an entire lesson in one go. When it becomes hard for them to understand something they lose their concentration and start making excuses to avoid finishing the task on hand. If your child also faces such problems, it is better to break down his or her study schedule into parts. Even lessons can be divided into smaller sections, so the child finds it easy to deal with the task one step at a time.

6. Factor in Short Naps and Breaks

Power naps work wonders not just in the case of adults, but in case of children also. Post school, a power nap of around twenty minutes will reenergize your child and he or she will be more focused to handle the rest of the day – be it activities or studies. Breaks for bathroom, hunger pangs, etc., should be dealt with prior to their study sessions as these interfere with their concentration.

7. Plan Study Sessions as Per Their Energy Levels

It is important that you understand the energy levels of your child and plan his or her study / activity session accordingly. For instance, some kids are more energetic and attentive in the mornings while some are able to concentrate better in the evenings. Take this into account and you will increase the chances of them being more focused on the task at hand. Also, remember to assign them tougher tasks during these periods as their energy levels are high. As their energy levels go down, you can switch to some easier tasks.

These methods will surely bring a positive change in your child’s concentration ability and help him or her handle every task in a much better way. Try them as suggested or put your own unique twist to it and see your child’s focus improve!