Ah, three year olds. That fun age when they don't know exactly what they want but they do know they want something and it's not what you're selling. You might be living with a threenager if...

threenager (noun, three·nag·er): A three-year-old child with the attitude of a thirteen year old.

You know you are living with a threenager when...

1). If you give them a banana and it breaks in half, you can just go ahead and throw it away. A threenager won’t be eating that, thank you very much.

2). They want carried when you are exhausted and they want to walk by themselves when you are in a hurry.

3). They start with the “I Can’t” phrase… and say it CONSTANTLY. “I can’t eat dinner.” “I can’t go to bed.” “I can’t throw it away.”

4). They become ‘tired’ or have a “belly ache” when it is time to do anything that they don’t want to do.

5). They start to have a (strong) opinion on their outfit and hair style. (This might include wearing the SAME outfit every day, because it is their favorite.)

6). A Threenager wants to watch TV… a lot of it. When you limit her to “just one”, tears will roll…

7). Sneaky, sneaky… A Threenager will start to hide things. A cookie in the pantry? A toy in bed at bedtime?

8). Changing clothes often is a new habit. A Threenager may go through ten outfits in a day (Princess, teacher, mom, firefighter, cousin, dragon, knight, sister, favorite dress, etc…)

9). You are always just a little nervous to make lunch. Do you cut the crust off today? Leave it on? Cut it? Leave it whole? Strawberry jelly? Grape?

10). They run and hide the moment you say “Get your pajamas on.” There’s no telling where your Threenager might be (but there’s a pretty good chance that it is in your closet!)

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