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About Holly Homer & Kids Activities

Welcome to Kids Activities. My name is Holly Homer and I hope you will stay and play with us for awhile...

I hope Kids Activities can be a place where you can find inspiration and realistic ideas for more fun.

Holly Homer

I am the mom of three boys…very active boys! In fact, it was apparent early-on that keeping them busy would be a strong strategy for motherhood sanity. The boys are now 11, 14 & 16 and are partially-homeschooled.


Yes, they attend a classical education school 2 1/2 days a week and are homeschooled 2 days a week. Each of them started in this system in Kindergarten, so they don’t even understand 5 day a week school!

Our house is pretty chaotic. We live in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas. You may have seen our dog named Panda on Instagram (or appearing frequently in articles here on Kids Activities Blog). She is a French Bulldog that has taken over the house.

My husband is a “retired” physician. He now works full-time on our online & offline projects. His specialty is video – you will hear him producing several of our online shows.

Kids Activities Blog has grown into so much more than a blog! It has been really exciting to see it reach beyond these posts and pages. We launched officially as KidsActivities.com on October 1, 2017 as a founding partner at The Maven. I can't wait to see where these new community tools can take us next.

If you have a chance, please check out two books which I co-authored:

The 101 Coolest Simple Science Experiments by Holly Homer, Rachel Miller & Jamie Harrington is available RIGHT NOW.

It is my second book with Page Street Publishing. Oh, and it has a glow-in-the-dark cover!

It is for kids 5-12 (younger if adults are leading the fun) and jammed with science silliness.

With this book, you can do things both indoors and outdoors. The handy mess meter, preparation times and notes on the level of supervision will keep the entire family happy and safe. Experimenting is really fun, and everyone will have a blast being a scientist! Shhh…it is so entertaining that you might not notice you are also learning important things about the world around you!

It was an amazing honor to have this book chosen as a Kohl's Care book in 2017.

My first book is still available…and has surpassed the milestone of 100K copies sold {faint}. Here is more information about that…

101 Kids Activities that are the Bestest, Funnest Ever! by Holly Homer & Rachel Miller is available RIGHT NOW.

It is for kids of all ages, plus parents, babysitters, grandparents and anyone that wants to have fun.

Each of the 101 activities have modifications for younger kids and modifications for older kids – so the entire family can play together! We love that. This book was chosen by Kohl’s as a Kohl’s Care book in 2016.

I have felt incredibly blessed to speak at conferences across the country on blogging and social media topics – Bloggy Bootcamp, Emerging Tech, Declare Conference, Blog Elevated, Project Mom, Women Get Social, Focused Social Media Marketing World, Mom 2.0 and No Excuses Summit.

I have been featured on multiple radio interviews, TV appearances and pod casts. My favorite pod cast was about Kids Activities Blog’s FB page’s rapid organic growth with Michael Stelzner.

My early career years as a Physical Therapist & clinic manager has helped me tackle kid-related issues like Sensory Processing Disorder as well as organizational skills to handle what has turned out to be a not-so-small business run from my living room. I am a huge work-from-home advocate and can’t wait to launch a full training series to show others how to achieve this freedom.

When I am not writing, photographing, playing with the family or clearing the kitchen sink of dirty dishes, I might sneak away to play in a poker tournament.

The Kids Activities Team

This is not something that could ever have been accomplished alone. The Kids Activities team is incredibly talented and dedicated to spreading fun online!

Arena Blake is the Managing Editor of Kids Activities and an incredible mind when it comes to expressing fun through videos. She is in charge of what gets published not only on the site, but on the Quirky Momma FB page and still has creative energy to make some of the most amazing play videos on the planet. She can also be found writing her blogs, The Nerd's Wife and Foodie Fun .

Cynthia Rusincovitch is the Chief Organizational Officer of Kids Activities. We really don't know exactly what that means, but we do know that without her presence things would be much more chaotic and much less fun. She can also be found writing her blog, My Nourished Home .

Brandi Jordan is the Kids Activities Printables Librarian. Her background in school curriculums and willingness to take on a job that is not only undefined, but a work-in-progress has made our printables library one of the most exciting parts of Kids Activities. You can find her on many projects that start at BrandiJordan.com .

Brittany Kelly is a creative editor at Kids Activities juggling everything from emails to Quirky Momma partners. Her enthusiasm for projects is unmatched. You can find her writing at her blog, Sunshine Momma.

You may recognize Kids Activities Parenting Room Editor as Becky Mansfield from Your Modern Family (pictured above is also Your Modern Dad :).

Liz Nieman has been a part of this team for many years writing some of our favorite articles from fun things to do with your kids to organizing genius! She can also be found at Love and Marriage Blog .

Mary Duncanson has her finger on the pulse of culture for fun things to share here at Kids Activities. She is an author and also can be found over at Totally the Bomb .

That is not all...there are many, many more that through the years have put their heart & soul into this website on a mission intent on play.