The Simple Plan To Being An Incredibly Helpful Dad

I was hosting a neighborhood party that evening and had become just a little bit frantic with my to-do list.

This article is sponsored by Clorox. Life lessons and opinions are mine…

Why does everything seem to take longer than expected?

My husband, Greg, said the same thing he usually says in situations like this…”How can I help?”

Thank goodness THIS is his reaction to my frantic over-scheduling!

“You are in charge of the cleaning and the kids!” was my reply.

“I got this.” was his answer.

All I knew was a few hours later the house was clean and the boys had plans.

Our family’s superhero...

The simple steps to becoming YOUR family’s superhero:

Step 1: A quick trip to Target to pick up some Clorox cleaning supplies. Greg’s list included:

  • Clorox Clean-up
  • Clorox Disinfecting Wipes
  • Clorox Bleach
  • Clorox 2
  • Clorox Toilet Cleaning Gel

All these can be found on the cleaning supplies aisle. The Clorox 2 and Clorox Bleach are in the laundry section.

Step 2: Clean the house as needed for the incoming guests. Start at the front door and walk through just the guests will to make sure not to miss spots and trouble areas. Take a little extra time in the kitchen and guest bathroom. Greg’s list:

  1. Front door
  2. Entry hall
  3. Wipe off dining table
  4. Empty/fill dishwasher
  5. Wipe off kitchen counter tops
  6. Check living room for clutter
  7. Clean toilet and sink in guest bath. Replace hand towel.

Because our house is literally one large room that includes the entry, living, dining and kitchen one tip is to grab a laundry basket and place things inside that normally would “live” on the dining room table when guests are present like a laptop and stack of mail. This can be whisked up to a bedroom for safe-keeping and then returned when the crowd leaves.

Step 3: Occupy the kids (and dog) when company arrives. In this case, the 3 boys and my husband disappeared to the second floor and played video games after taking the dog for a walk.

Step 4: Make plans to see the Incredibles 2 with the whole family. I am thankful this is happening on June 15 so we can do it together!

Life is too short not to work together and have fun.

We really appreciate how Clorox makes that work so much easier. Check out Target’s cleaning aisle that is filled with helpful Clorox products and follow along on social media for other incredible superhero stories with the hashtag #CloroxIncrediblyClean.

No. 1-14

This year it’s a little bit of everyone helping in a pinch. I’m finally following my dreams and going to nursing school! This has meant that I’m living a state away from my husband and child for a year - living in my parents house - and going to school full time. My hubby keeps our home running and all the bills paid and the kiddo taken care of - he’s amazing. My sister and I are actually going to school together - so we keep each other going when the other one is too tired. Our parents are doing everything they can to help us succeed - sometimes that just means food in our bellies (and ya know the roof over our head) and other times it means gas in the car - and so much more. #thankful is an understatement.


I am a Clorox supporter to no end. I think I have tried just about everyone product they have in the shelf and have most of them in stock. For the most part, I do the cleaning in the house. However in December, my daughter and I both contracted Influenza and bronchitis and I couldn't clean or cook. After working a 10 hour shift, my husband came home and did a full overhaul on the house cleaning and sanitizing everything plus made my daughter and I dinner. I still don't think he quite understands how much that meant to me. Thank goodness for good spousal support. 😍



Not all heroes wear capes 🤣


That's supposed to say if it wasn't for my husband and mom I would never leave the house.


If it wasn't for my husband and mom in wild just leave the house. I currently can't drive for 6 months (because of a seizure) and my husband and mom have been amazing. They are ther best chauffeurs ever!!!!