My daughter and her friends are ALL about Star Wars at the moment, Princess Leia this, Padmé Amidala that!

So as most of my crafting inspiration comes from the littles I started tinkering with a few toilet rolls to see what Star Wars Crafts would emerge. Making R2-D2 from toilet roll was an obvious one so I decided to craft on and make Princess Leia and everyone’s favoutite Chewbacca too.

The Star Wars characters are SO easy to make, just glue and paint really, keep reading to see how.

All you need to make your set of Star Wars movie characters are
– Toilet roll cores/ paper tubes
– Glue gun
– Pencil
– Acrylic paints and brushes
– Two beads

First slit the tops of the toilet rolls as shown

Fold over and glue into position. I use a glue gun for *instant* hold results.

Paint the toilet roll cores with a coat of white paint and when dry lightly sketch on the features of your movie characters.

Then just start painting

For Princess Leia’s hair buns I simply glued beads onto each side of her head and painted them the same brown color as I had mixed up for her hair (my least favorite thing in the world is mixing up brown paint!!!!)

Keep painting around the pencil guidelines on each roll and very quickly the kids will end up with a full set of fun characters to act out any wild and wonderful Star Wars scenes across your living room floor!! enjoy

Keep going to include C-3PO, Jedi masters and even the ugly Jabba The Hutt!

Time to get your crafty pants on