When we heard about the Museum of Science+Industry Chicago's Summer Brain Games Series, we had to join in on the fun.

by Holly

Summer Brain Games is 8 weeks of summer fun {don't tell, but your kids might learn something, too!}.

This is Week 5’s activity, the solar oven:

  • Pizza box {empty}
  • Aluminum foil
  • Plastic wrap
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Paper Plate
  • Food to cook

We are making sun-baked s ™mores today using: graham crackers, chocolate bars and marshmallows.

Considering the Texas summer temperatures are nearing 100 degrees, I was pretty confident that we could cook almost anything.

This is what we did to make our summertime s ™mores:


  1. Cut a flap in the top of the pizza box leaving a 2″ border on the sides and front. Wrap the bottom side of the flap and the interior of the pizza box with aluminum foil “ shiny side out “ and tape in place.
  2. Cover the opening created by the flap with plastic wrap and tape into place.
  3. Place food to be cooked on a paper plate inside the solar oven. Prop the flap open with a ruler in position to reflect the sun into the oven.
  4. Let the sun bake the food. Depending on the time of day, heat and other variables, it may take up to an hour.
  5. Be careful removing food {it will be hot!} and then add crackers and chocolate for a yummy s ™more.


The sun's light rays are collected by the foil flap and concentrated inside the box. The rays are transformed into thermal energy that slowly raises the temperature inside the box, causing the food to cook. ” Museum of Science and Industry

We put a thermometer into our solar oven and found that the cooking temperature of our marshmallows was in excess of 165 degrees. It did bake slower than I expected considering how hot the day felt.

There are quite a few additional activities suggested to expand the solar oven experience in the Museum of Science and Industry's activity guide.


What fun is ahead this summer?

  • Week 1: Woodland Terrarium “ Watch your Garden Grow
  • Week 2: Water Balloon Catapult “ Ready, Aim, Splash!
  • Week 3: Bottle Rockets “ Fireworks Fun
  • Week 4: Float Your Boat “ Boy, oh Buoyancy
  • Week 5: Solar Oven “ Solar Snacks
  • Week 6: Fly Away “ Take Flight
  • Week 7: Light Leapfrog “ Light up the Night
  • Week 8: Make Your Own Ice Cream “ Two Scoops of Science

Week one has already started! Here is a video from the Woodland Terrarium activity guide:

The Quirky Momma team is really excited to be working with the Museum of Science and Industry promoting their amazing Summer Brain Games Activity Series.