It’s Shark Week and we’re excited to share shark activities for kids all week long!

by Arena

This shark paper plate craft is perfect for kids big and little. They can customize the shark however they’d like, adding fun decorations to make their own unique creation.


Here’s what you need to make our shark paper plate craft:

  • Three paper plates
  • Paint (we used light grey and dark grey)
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Paint two of the plates using the grey paint — one will be the body of the shark, and the other will be used to create its fins.

My son wanted his shark to have more of a marbled look, so he combined the light grey and dark grey paint. I painted the top of my shark with dark grey and added a light grey belly.

Once the paint is dry, cut a small triangle into the body of the shark to create its mouth. Cut the shape of the tail fin and the top and bottom fins from the other plate. You can use part of the third plate if necessary, you’ll just have to paint it, too.

Cut two sets of teeth from the remaining plate. These will stay white.

Glue the fins into place and add the googly eyes — now you have a shark!

We just love how these turned out! Make sure to tune in to the Quirky Momma Facebook page this week, where we’ll be sharing Shark Week ideas for kids all week long!