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by Arena

If you’re looking for a fun borax-free slime recipe, you have to check out Rainbow Slime. My son loves mixing colors of slime together, and rainbow slime is our favorite way to do that!

We’ve partnered with Elmer’s glue to bring you this fun kid-friendly slime project! When making slime with our kids, we trust Elmer’s glue because of its kid-friendly ingredients.

Making slime is now easier than ever, thanks to Elmer’s slime starter kits. For our rainbow slime, we chose the Elmer’s Rainbow Slime Starter Kit, but you can also pick up a Halloween Slime Starter Kit, Frosty Slime Starter Kit, and even a Galaxy Slime Starter Kit!


Here’s what you need to make Rainbow Slime

The rainbow kit comes with three colors of glitter glue — red, green, and blue. You can use the kid-friendly slime recipe that combines baking soda and contact solution with glitter glue to create the slime.

Some of the slime starter kits come with Elmer’s Magical Liquid — a new ingredient that makes creating slime easier than ever!

To create slime with Elmer’s Magical Liquid, add one bottle of Elmer’s glue to a bowl and stir in the entire bottle of magical liquid. That’s all!

The slime that we made with Elmer’s Magical Liquid was much stickier and stretchier than other slime we’ve made. My son loved just how FUN it was to play with!

To create Rainbow Slime, you’ll need to make a batch of green slime, red slime, and blue slime.

If you don’t have Elmer’s Magical Liquid, mix a bottle of glitter glue with 1/2 Tbsp baking soda until combined. Then stir in 1 Tbsp contact solution until the slime starts to form. Stretch and knead until the slime reaches your desired consistency.

Layer the three colors together and you’ve got a fun batch of RAINBOW SLIME!!

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