Weaving paper was one of my favorite crafts to do as a kid.

by Ness

It was really fun to see ordinary paper transformed into a paper weaving masterpiece! Introduce this simple craft to your kids and enjoy the results.

Paper weaving is a fun no-mess craft for kids. It is a great fine motor skills activity as well. The results of paper weaving are so pretty to look at and lots of fun can be had trying to come up with new weaving patterns to create new and interesting designs.


You will need:

2 pieces of paper in contrasting colors

A pair of scissors

Adhesive tape


1.Take your first piece of paper and fold it in half. Cut the folder paper in half but don’t cut all the way through. Leave the last inch or so uncut.

2.Next, cut the two halves in half again so you now have four equal cut sections.

3.Cut of of the sections in half again, so now there are eight equal sections.

5.Unfold the first piece of paper and you now have a page that has evenly spaced slots for weaving.

6.Take a second piece of paper and cut it in the same way as the first, but this time cut it all the way through so that you are left with eight strips of paper.

7.Weave the strips of paper through the slots in the first piece of paper. To achieve a checkerboard formation, start by weaving the first strip of paper under then over the slots. For the next strip of paper, alternate the pattern ie start the second strip by weaving under then over.

8.When you have finished weaving, fold the ends of the strips to the back and tape them down with adhesive tape.

Hang your paper weaving masterpiece on the wall, use it to cover a recycled jar for storing pencils or turn it into a pretty birthday card. Experiment with different colors. To achieve the ombre look you see in our photos, we use paper strips in three different shades of blue. You can also try different paper weaving sequences to achieve chevron and other patterns.

What patterns can you come up with?