An owl craft seems like the perfect activity for fall.

by Deirdre

This project turns a cute owl activity into a skip counting lesson. Kids Activities Blog loves mixing crafty fun with learning to count!


Skip counting is a foundational skill to a variety of math concepts. We have started counting by twos and threes at my house. We have used a variety of materials to skip count this fall. Buttons and blocks are favorites. With Halloween on its way I thought it would be fun to make some cupcake liner owls to use in a skip counting activity.

We took cupcake liners and flattened them out. Then we folded each of the sides in to create wings. Next we folded the top of the cupcake liner down to make the owl's head. Finally we glued down each owl's wings and head.

Once the folded sections were folded down, we cut out eyes, beaks, and feet for them. We found that if we folded the paper a couple of times and then cut out the facial feature or feet we were able to get them cut out quickly.

They ended up looking a little like penguins. Maybe they are a variety of owl that looks like penguins?


We place owls on a tree branch and talked about the parts of the owls we were going to use for skip counting.

Each owl had two eyes, two wings, and two feet. We would use those elements to count by twos.

Then we counted their feet and found that they had three claws on each foot.


After we were aware of what we would be counting, we counted each element. My son touched each area we were counting as we counted. For example: He put his finger between each owl's eyes as we counted eyes by two.

It was a lot of fun to work on skip counting with our homemade owls. Our owls tended to move around on the tree limb as we counted. If your child would benefit from having the owls be more stationary, you can glue the owls in place or line them up on a stick you might find outside your home.


Can you believe that this cute owl craft was made with cupcake liners! What a fun way to teach skip counting. For more kids activities with owls and learning to count, check these out: