It’s always great when kids can get a fun sensory experience with paint without actually touching the paint.

by Katey

If I plan an activity where my kids come into contact with paint I know I’m bargaining for about 30 minutes to an hour of clean-up around our house (of course, sometimes it’s fun to just embrace the mess like we did with our Paintman activity).

But days when mom is busy or tired don’t have to mean no painting. Inner Child Fun has a completely contained marbling paint activity with plastic bags. Moments of Mommyhood has an idea for no-mess finger-painting…. and today’s idea was inspired by Time for Play.


The other day we tried a low-mess painting project with really fun monster results. I have two little girls with very girly interests, but even they were delighted.

Here’s what you do to make your own little rainbow creatures:

1.Dab on globs of paint toward the middle of a piece of paper. (You’ll want to make sure that the dabs of paint are close together so that it looks like a body when they are squished together)

2.Fold in half.

3.Squish and rub (the best part!)

4.Open paper. Add googly eyes (you don’t need glue if you stick them on when the paint is still wet) This is also a fun part because it’s kind of like seeing shapes in the clouds. Everyone has a different thought about where the head should be, whether it has a tail, etc.

5.Use a black marker to add other details (horns, feet, whiskers, arms, etc)


I didn’t think of it at the time, but adding little snips of yarn for hair could also liven them up. We cut ours out so that the girls could play with them like paper dolls.

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Have you made any monster art? We’d love to hear about it!