Have you been listening to the Mom, I’m bored  in your house yet this summer ?

Looking for a unique way to keep the kids entertained? Need a few minutes to breathe? then you’ll want to check out this treasure trove of handpicked boredom buster crafts and activities that will keep young hands and minds busy and happy….. and not so bored!

Most of this fab craft collection is made from everyday objects from around the house and the recycling bin so keep them in your arsenal for when the need arises!!

Yarn wrapping and weaving fun for kids. {I can never get enough of simple toilet roll crafts, such a versatile every day material}
See how to make on MollyMooCrafts

Totally gorgeous popsicle stick and sand craft via Classic-Play

Fun to make and fun to play with. If you ™ve got kids you ™ll know oh too well that half the bubble mix always ends up in the grass!! so the most cost effective (and rewarding) option is to make your own bubble solution and you ™ll never run out.
View the recipe on MollyMooCrafts

A super fun and colorful art craft for the kids to do this summer. And the final results are downright adorable!
via ArtBar

So simple, so quick and so at hand! In less than 30 minutes your kids will have little Wiggles and Oggys of their own to play with via kidsactivitiesblog

A hands-down adorable project with video tutorial from CraftingConnections

A really frugal and fun construction craft activity, inspired by Holly & Rachel’s 101 Activities Book
See how to make on babbledabbledo

This summer activity could keep a kid busy for hours! via Modge Podge Rocks

Cardboard and duck tape camera with a changeable digital  photo display on the back.
via Hideous Dreadful Skinky

I dare you to find any child that wouldn't love to be handed a pair of white shoes and be given the space to decorate them themselves!!
via mollymoocrafts

Make the cutest cow, chick and pig with just foam cups, paint and pipe cleaners.
The cutest boredom buster crafts from KidsActivitiesBlog

Without the messy inks and stuff and four cool crafts to make with the art experiments including butterflies, bookmarks, cards and fairies of course!.
More crafting fun from KidsActivitiesBlog

Yes It really folds. Pretty neat, right?! via PinksStripeySocks

The best fun – you won’t hear the word “bored” for a while with these craft characters.
See how easy they are to make on MollyMooCrafts

Based on kids favorite emoticons, a fun and quick craft and DIY take-along game for summer that will keep your kiddos engaged and entertained during the holidays, on long car journeys and long after the summer is over! via Skip To My Lou

Invite the kids to draw pictures of the things they remembered most about their vacation and help them turn them into something special to hang in their rooms. via Classic-Play

Fun to make and fun to play with – sure to keep little ones engaged and ‘zooming’ around the hours and garden. via MollyMooCrafts

Kids will love these personalized game pieces so they can become the character in their own board games. via KidsActivitiesBlog

I ™ve never witnessed my daughter so engaged, bordering on fanatic, about a craft as she has been with popsicle stick dolls. Make people, cats, dogs, birds and pesky pirates – sky’s the limit!
See the fun for yourself on MollyMooCrafts

Making boats is a classic summer craft for kids that spans so many ages! You just won’t believe where Housing A Forest scavenged the wax from!!

This project is a great way to upcycle a couple of tins that were destined for the recycle bin – oh what fun! via HappyHouligans

All you need to do is get the simple supplies set-up, press play, and find something for YOU to do for 15-30 minutes while they create.
via LetsLassoTheMoon

Easy Sewing Patterns for Little Beginners – will keep hands engaged for sure! download the set of three free printable sewing cards right here on KidsActivitiesBlog

The perfect quick and simple craft to try at home, summer camps, brownie groups and playdates. See the very detailed photographic tutorial on MollyMooCrafts

This beautiful craft requires only the simplest newspaper shape to which cardboard is glued before the painting fun starts. via KidsActivitiesBlog