Find a pretty shell…. make a necklace!… make 10 for all your pretty friends!

If you’re planning a day at the beach anytime soon don’t forget to bring home a pocket full of shells for crafting and making pretty beach style jewelry. There’s nothing that says summer more than wearing a pretty seashell necklacearound your neck.

If you find shells with holes in them all the better – no need to make the hole, you can get straight to threading. The best part of making a seashell necklace is that each one is unique.

To make a hole in the seashell all you need to do is tap a nail or a screw very gently into the shell with a hammer to make a pilot hole. Once you’ve broken through you need to make the hole bigger, big enough to to feed the wax cord, wool or chain you want to wear the seashell on. So very gently again take a screw or nail between your fingers and wiggle it around in the hole to gently file away and enlarge the opening.

You can also use a drill to make this process faster.

You might like to layer a few shells on together, add some little beads, pom poms or any other decoration that tickles your fancy. Your necklace, your style!

Time to get your summer crafty pants on.