Are you wondering how to incorporate physical fitness into your preschooler’s day?

Try these great alphabet exercises with your child and they will learn while they are moving their bodies. We love to make learning and moving fun here at Kids Activities Blog.


It is important for all kids to move in order to stay healthy and fit. I am also trying to make things fun  for Rory, and of course incorporate learning in them.

We have an ABC puzzle on our floor that we used for this activity, but you can use anything. You could just write the ABC's on paper and put them all over the floor.

For this activity, we put the ABC's all over our floor. We mixed them up, so that Rory would have to walk more from A to B. We started with A, and then continued with the letters until we got to Z. Each letter has a movement  that we would act out when we got to that letter.

You can do any movement you would like, but here is a list of our actions.


A – Act like a cat

B – Bend at the knees

C – Chair pose

D – Dance

E – Elephant steps

F – Fly like a bird

G – Gallop

H – Hugs

I – Itsy bitsy steps

J – Jump

K – Kick

L – Leg lifts

M – March

N – Noisy steps

O – Open and shut arms

P – Pop up

Q -Quiet hops

R – Runs

S -Side steps

T – Turns

U – Under momma's legs

V – Vacuum

W – Wiggles

X – X  jumping jacks

Y – Yoga (downward dog)

Z – Zig zag steps

We just went from letter to letter and had fun with it!


How do you provide physical fitness for your child? What alphabet exercises can you come up with? We’d love to hear your feedback. For more ideas for kids activities to promote exercise and moving, check out these posts: