Ever since we made sugar string pumpkins, I have been a little crazy about the process.

by Holly

It just seems magical to start with sugar and string and end up with a delicate creation that looks like something I would buy!

Today we are making a sugar string snowman…or snowwoman. Kids Activities Blog is super excited to have Imperial Sugar back as a sponsor. It is a perfect {and sweet} fit for us!

I know it looks complicated, but I promise you, this is VERY easy and your kids will be in the middle of this!


We used the same sugar string recipe from the Imperial Sugar website as we did for the pumpkins and assembled what we would need:

  • Cotton string – white
  • 1 cup Warm water
  • 2 cups Imperial Sugar
  • 3 Balloons
  • 2 Large black buttons
  • 4-5 red small buttons
  • Festive ribbon {or scarf and hat}
  • Twigs from the yard
  • A carrot

Start with 3 balloons. You will want them to be as round as possible. Blow them up to three sizes – small, medium and large.

Wrap each balloon with the cotton string. We loosely wrapped these. This is the step that kids might need a little help doing – at least getting it started. We worked out a system where I held the balloon and Rhett wound the string around the balloon.

When the balloons are wrapped, then make the Imperial Sugar syrup.

Combine 2 cups of Imperial Sugar and 1 cup of warm water in a bowl a bit larger than your largest balloon.

Mix until the sugar has dissolved.

Dip and roll each balloon in the sugar syrup until all the string is saturated.

Hang to dry overnight. I have rigged up a way to let them dry over my sink because it is extremely sticky!

Once the sugared string is dry, then pop the balloons and pull out the deflated balloon pieces.

Take the largest balloon and push it gently into the counter to flatten the bottom so the snowman has a base of support. Gently flatten the top of the largest sphere, the top and bottom of the medium ball, and the bottom of the smallest globe.

Using a glue gun, attach the three balls together so they will sit securely on top of each other.

Then add the button eyes, the carrot nose, the button mouth, the twig arms and the scarf using the glue gun as necessary to attach.


Between today and 12/17, Dixie Crystals is giving away TEN $100 gift cards in a really fun contest. Each day they will post a close-up photo of a recipe found on the Imperial Sugar website with some clues. Play along each day and in the end 10 lucky winners will be chosen randomly.

A great big thanks to Imperial Sugar for sponsoring this post.