It's fun to enjoy LEGO in a different way. LEGO Painting is a fun, creative and colorful art experience!

Do you have a LEGO fan in your house? I have two of them! From time to time, it's fun to enjoy LEGO blocks in a different way. This past weekend, we tried LEGO Painting. LEGO Painting is a fun, creative, and colorful art experience! Learn about textures, patterns, and colors in this kid-led art activity!

LEGO Painting

At first, my kids were unsure about using their LEGO bricks to make paintings. They were worried the paint was gong to ruin their toys. After they were assured that the paint was indeed washable and would not stain their LEGO bricks, they were ready to dive in! The kids gathered a diversity of LEGO pieces, from mini figures to bricks to wheels!

To make this craft you will need

  • washable paint
  • LEGOs
  • white paper
  • construction paper
  • paper plate


After gathering supplies, squirt several colors of washable paint onto a paper plate.

Invite kids to dip their LEGO pieces into the paint, then stamp, roll, or press them onto a piece of clean white paper.

Encourage kids to paint with all different angles of their LEGO pieces. For example, using the treads of tires will create a long, smooth tire track. But when that tire is flipped to the side and stamped, you get a larger circle with a small dot in the center!

Just a note—fingers will get messy! Be sure to use washable paint and keep damp paper towels or baby wipes nearby.

When kids are done with their paintings, mount them with tape on a second sheet of colored construction paper.

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