These fun and simple baby games happen in the highchair!

These baby games can help you while you start dinner or do a few dishes because your little one can play safely next to you! But, I have to warn you, a few of these ideas are a bit messy. It seems the messier they are the more fun baby has! As always, you’ll want to keep a close eye on baby throughout the play.


1.Giant ice cubes. Freeze oversized cubes of ice in cleaned plastic tubs (like yogurt containers) or dixie cups. Place a few big ice blocks on the highchair tray and let your baby explore. Be sure to take them away as soon as they melt down enough to get close to fitting all the way in baby’s mouth. If the fall on the floor and remain whole, I’ve been known to rinse them off but you might want to skip that if you’re worried about germs.

2.Yogurt “finger painting”. You’re gonna want to break out the big bibb for this one! Simply place a few blobs of yogurt on the tray and let them experience it. They will smear and taste and generally have a grand old time. If you’d like it to be more paint like, mix a bit of puree into the yogurt to color it. I like carrot for orange, avocado for green, and prune or plum for purple.

3.Noodles. Rice or pasta noodles are great fun for baby, place a few or a whole pile (depending on the mess you’re willing to clean) on the highchair tray. This is a taste safe sensory delight!

4.Utensils. This one is super simple. Spatulas, wooden spoons, and silicone brushes all make for high chair fun. Let them “drum” and chew to their hearts content.

5.Rings. This is my son’s all time favorite toy! The metal rings from canning jars are just right as a highchair activity. Stack them, wear them as bracelets, bang them, taste them: so many fun ways to play with these simple baby games!

Now that high chair isn’t just for mealtime, it’s for baby games too!

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