Funny games can bring laughter to your home.

by Rebecca

These crazy Silly Songs games will do just that. We hope you enjoy this fun family game and we’d love for you to come back to Kids Activities Blog and share some silly songs with us.


My family loves to sing. We aren’t the best singers with the best voices, but we can at least carry a tune. And I think my kiddos picked up their love to sing (I hear them in the shower and at nap times!!) as they have been sang to ever since they were tiny little babies. I can’t say I read some great article that told me to sing to my kiddos, I just had fun singing silly made up stuff to them.

But I looked into it for you – in fact, if you Google “benefits of singing to children” there are a whole slew of articles on the subject, all citing positive benefits from improved spatial reasoning to the development of language skills. I just did it because it drew my children’s attention and they loved it. It was special bonding for us and helped establish a life-long love of singing!


Babies: Sing to your babies – make up silly songs about getting dressed or how much you love them. Just let the words roll off your tongue with no thought or preparation – that’s what makes them silly. To this day, my kids remember a silly song I used to sing to them when I’d roll them up in a towel after their bath – they were my “little burrito”.

Books: There are plenty of young children’s books that are rhyming and have patterns. Use the book to sing a song to your child with. One of our favorites is “Snuggle Puppy” by Sandra Boynton – a GREAT and EASY book to sing – it was our nightly song before we went to bed and I have precious video of each of my kids singing it to me.

Nursery Rhymes: Singing the old standards to your kids are great but after awhile,, there are only so many times I can sing about the spider and that water spout. So we start with the basic song and add a different character. Try singing about the big brown cow that goes up the water spout and see if your kiddo erupts in giggles!


Top 40s: As my kids got older, their tastes in music changed. All of a sudden they LOVE pop hits. So in the car, we like to take a current song and make new words to it . It’s the same concept as the one above but I make the kids come up with it. It can get really silly, especially when Dad pipes in. It makes for funny games on a road trip!

Radio Game: Another great road trip singing game involves the radio. We flip through local radio stations and the person who can guess the song first gets the point. Sometimes it can get pretty difficult, depending on the age of your kids. But it is even a fun game just to play with adults too.

Spontuneous: Lastly, we discovered a fun board game that makes you sing out loud. Spontuneous is all about coming up with a song and singing it quickly using a one-word prompt. For example, if my prompt was “Stars”, one would have to sing a song using the word stars (The Stars at Night are Big and Bright……). We love to play this game in big groups and see the range of songs everyone comes up with!

What are your favorite funny games that involve singing?


There are so many funny games that you can make with songs. Does your child have a favorite silly song that you made up? For more great kids activities and games for kids, take a look at these ideas:

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