Your kids will LOVE these funny Elf on the Shelf ideas. They are perfect for a fun laugh all season long!

We adore the Elf on the Shelf -- he's cute, he's sneaky, and he's full of fun! We've found the best funny Elf on the Shelf ideas to make your kids giggle every morning this holiday season!

Have your elf wrap the toilet in wrapping paper! via Nifty Thrifty & Thriving

Don't leave your elf out of the family picture wall. via A Small Snippet

I'm not sure I want to know what this elf is up to... via NatalMe

This elf got all mixed up when he tried to bake some cookies. via Frugal Coupon Living

Splat! Looks like this elf ran into the window on his way out! via The Nerd's Wife

So THAT'S what happens when an elf goes potty... via A Small Snippet

Maybe your elf pigged out on dessert during the night. via Nelly Cole Photography

When your elf is naughty, he just might end up having to write sentences. via Piggies and Paws

Hehe, kids will love this elf and his mustache! via Elf on the Shelf

This elf added red noses to his family's picture! via A Mommy's Adventures

Typical elf talk... via It's a Mom's World

This hilarious elf idea is perfect for kids who love Spider-Man. via Little Bit Funky

Make yarn snowballs for an indoor snowball fight with your elf. via Elf on the Shelf

Elves take sprinkle baths, don't you know? via Lily Shop

Perhaps your elf could catch a ride on a friend? via Snippets from Suburbia

The Force is strong with this funny elf. via Lisa Stout Photography

This elf is incognito as one of the Rick Krispies elves! via Love Bugs and Post Cards

This elf wrapped the Christmas tree in toilet paper. via Nelly Cole Photography

Toilet paper rolls are a great place for your elf to hide. via PopSugar

This elf got all wrapped up when he messed with the toilet paper. via NatalMe

Build a snowman with toilet paper rolls. via Tracy Farr

Haha! Your kids will get a kick out of this message from their elf. via Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

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