Find Shmootz In Your Home!

We all have Shmootz in our lives -- those problems that happen. Find Shmootz in your home with this fun activity.

We all have Shmootz in our lives -- those problems that happen. And, it doesn't matter who creates the problems, we all have to fix them.

Shmootz is a gooey, pink character, who constantly messes up everything around him. Your kids will love him!


Find the Shmootz around your home -- those problems that cause the waste of money and resources. Cut out the picture of Shmootz, then kids will place Shmootz next to the problem areas in the home.For instance, if your kids:

  • Don't turn lights off when they leave the room
  • Leave the refrigerator door open
  • Keep water running when they brush their teeth
  • Use too much water when showering

​Let your kids think of more ideas. Congratulate your kids for saving money for your family and saving resources for the world!​ Download the activity files below and visit our website to subscribe to more Common Cents activities.

No. 1-3

My 6-year-old is driving us crazy about light switches however I think he thinks the switch is the problem not the wasted energy it represents, any suggestions on how to get him to focus on energy and not the delivery system, the switch.


Like the idea of teaching environment to children


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