Have a ton of fall fun with your kids by recreating these easy and fun fall popsicle stick crafts!

With the help of our sponsors Kwik Stix, we created these fun fall popsicle stick crafts for you to do at home with your kids!

Out of popsicle sticks, we created scarecrows and turkeys! This activity is really fun for any age. My preschooler had a blast imitating my craft as we were doing it.

Her creations weren’t perfect, but that is the beauty of letting your kids explore their creativity on their own!

Our first project was a popsicle stick scarecrow. All you need to make these are popsicle sticks, Kwik Stix paint sticks, glue, and cardstock paper!

We use Kwik Stixs paint sticks for all of our painting crafts because they are totally mess free which, as you know, is perfect for kids. The paint dries in about 90 seconds so I also don’t have to worry about my daughter touching her craft before it dries!

We glued the popsicles sticks together by cutting a square of cardstock paper and gluing the popsicle sticks side by side onto that paper. This helped the keep the craft sturdy.

Then we picked out our paint stick colors and got to painting! I went with traditional fall colors while my preschooler was a little more adventurous with her painting. The thin stixs pack is what we have and it comes with 24 different paint sticks so there was quite a few colors to choose from.

After that, we cut out the nose, eyes, and hair for the scarecrow using cardstock. Then we painted the cardstock with the same paint sticks. The paint isn’t goopy or thick so it worked just as well on the popsicle sticks as it did on the cardstock.

Once we glued on the scarecrow’s face we used a marker to draw on a scarecrow smile and we were finished! It was such a fun craft to do together and it took minimal supplies!

We ended up with leftover popsicle sticks so we decided to try out making our own popsicle stick turkeys as well.

With the same materials, we painted the popsicle sticks and then glued them together. Then we used the cardstock again to cut out the turkey eyes and beak!

Tell us about your fun popsicle stick crafts in the comments so that we can try them out too!