Try these creative ideas to keep kids engaged during your Easter egg hunt (and make it last longer than 5 minutes!)

Ah, Easter Sunday morning. What a peaceful, quiet time of reflection. The children come downstairs dressed in their Sunday best and the family enjoys a leisurely breakfast before heading to church.

What? That doesn’t happen at your house?

Yeah. Mine neither. My kids are up at the crack of dawn to see what the Easter Bunny left for them before scrambling to find all the hidden eggs. All is over before we have even had our first cup of coffee. Boo.

Fed up with the fun being over in 3 minutes flat, we have tried several different twists on the traditional Easter Egg hunt. My kids have enjoyed the change as it keeps the fun fresh and new each year. And most importantly, what took the Easter Bunny  a hour to do is not decimated (and forgotten!) in less than 5 minutes.

Here are 5 Unique Egg Hunts

Who doesn’t like shopping? – Hide Bunny Munny in several of the plastic eggs to buy things at the Bunny Emporium. Pick up several fun Easter trinkets at the dollar spot or things that appeal to your children (toys, movies, books). Price them at different price points and have your children shop with their money.

Color hunt – Assign hunters a particular color(s) to find on their hunt. This is especially good when hunting with mixed ages, as it allows the younger children a chance to find a equal amount of eggs.

Flashlight Hunt – Put together your hunt the night before Easter. Using flashlights and glow-in-the-dark paint on the eggs, kids will love to find their eggs at night!

Easter Egg Checklist – Give each hunter a list of what particular eggs they are supposed to find, 4 yellow eggs, 3 purple eggs, 1 golden egg, etc. . This turns it into a true hunt and you will find the kids end up helping each other out.

Scavenger hunt – Older kids LOVE a good hunt. With a little bit of pre-work, this will be a favorite! Put clues to find each consecutive egg in the plastic eggs hidden throughout the entire house and have their ultimate find be their Easter Baskets. Be creative with your clues (Hop on over to the place which makes you go brrrr) and make your kids think!

The only drawback to having a fun Easter Egg Hunt? My kids have come to expect a creative hunt every year!