Doctor Pretend Play Free Kids Printables

Let’s open up a doctor’s office with these fun Doctor Pretend Play printables!

Your kids can also open up a Vet office with vet pretend play printables “next door”!

Free Doctor Pretend Play Printables

That doll in the corner that might be missing a hand or that teddy that has some stuffing coming out sure need a visit to the doctor’s office! These printables will let your kids become “true” doctors and will let them take care of their dolls and toys (and friends) while also working on their reading and writing.

The Doctor Pretend Play Printables set includes:

  • 1 page with symptoms chart.
  • 1 page doctor, pharmacist and ambulance driver ID cards.
  • 1 page with Snellen (eye) chart.
  • 1 page with prescriptions.

Click to download and print at The Kids Activities Blog Printables Library: Doctor Pretend Play Printables

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