If your kids enjoy making their own Lego creations

Then they might have fun making their own Lego instruction book so that others can enjoy building those same creations. It’s a great Do It Yourself project. Kids are so happy when they make something on their own and Kids Activities Blog loves to make kids happy!


We are big fans of simple and easy activities that use materials we already have at our house. We also LOVE Legos. My son’s fourth birthday is at the end of February and we are throwing him a Lego-themed birthday party, so Legos have been on my mind a lot lately.

We came up with this quick activity the other afternoon while my one year old was napping. It kept us quiet and got us creating. You just need some Legos, your camera, and a few other odds and ends mentioned below.

Materials Needed for Simple Lego “Plan” Book:

– Legos (variety of sizes/shapes/colors)
– camera
– cardstock
– printer
– binder ring (or some pipe cleaner)
– hole punch
– scissors
– laminating sheets (optional)

How to Make Your Own Lego Instruction Cards:

1.Have your child build a variety of creations using Legos that are different sizes and shapes


2.Take a close up picture of each Lego creation (I photographed ours on a plain background).

3.Print out each picture onto cardstock or photo paper (I tried to make ours life size).


4.Grab a bucket of Legos and start building!!

If you want to create a little Lego puzzle book you can…

– Cut the pages to the size you want (Ours were about 6×8 when we cut them down).

– Hole punch the corner of each page and link the pages together using a binder ring (or a pipe cleaner if you are like me and don’t have any rings anywhere in your house).

This Lego building activity is great for teaching kids about geometry and fostering problem solving skills. I always love it when I sneak learning into a fun activity!

For older kids you could easily make this activity more complex by making the Lego creations more intricate or by just tracing the outside of the Lego shapes and having kids use their problem solving skills to figure out what to build with.

My son was so anxious to get building that I didn’t laminate our pages first. I am kicking myself for that and will be printing new ones out tomorrow and laminating them. The puzzles have been carried all around the house and ended up getting drenched… yet they are still being played with. 🙂 Obviously they were a success!\

Do you have any favorite activities that your child does with Legos?


We hope your child has a lot of fun making their own Lego instruction book. We have lots of other great do it yourself projects too. Be sure to look at some of these great kids activities: