How many kids do you know that aspire to be woodworkers? This kit is perfect for them!

When we were kids, my grandpa used to give my brother and I an old piece of wood, a hammer, and nails to drive into the wood over and over again.

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I would have loved to get this Young Woodworkers Kit as a kid! They are sent to your house full of tools and materials for your young woodworker to experiment with!

If you’ve been hanging out around KidsActivities for a while, you know we love subscription boxes. The Young Woodworkers Kit is no exception.

Subscription boxes are one of our favorite ways to get kids up and out from in front of the electronics and exploring their creativity! The Young Woodworkers Kit Club is a subscription box that is ideal for kids who want to learn how to use tools and build small projects.

This kit is ideal for ages 7-12, but my husband and I had a blast building it together so I definitely think that older kids would enjoy it too.

Young Woodworkers Kit Club

This subscription box is sent to your house about every six weeks and is filled with all of the materials your child needs to build a small wood project. The kit even comes with precut wood pieces and the wood has predrilled holes to make lining up nails easier for kids.

Our kit came with everything we needed to make a DIY Turbo Racer. It actually took us about an hour to put the racer together and paint it so this is a really great project to occupy your kids in a way that will have them learning new skills.m

One of the coolest things about this kit is that it comes with the tools that you need to build the project. So even after you finish the project your child will have new tools to keep for future projects! Ours came with a screwdriver and a hammer, but each month the kits require different tools that will come in the box.

In just 3 months of being subscribed to the Young Woodworkers Kit Club your child will have a:

  • hammer
  • carpenter's square
  • screwdriver
  • tape measure
  • jeweler's screwdriver

Pretty cool right!?

The directions come with the project and each step has pictures so it is really easy for kids to follow along with. Some of the other projects that come included in the Young Woodworkers Kit Club are:

  • Pirate Ship Bank
  • DIY Marble Run Game
  • Cool Candy Machine
  • DIY Turbo Racer

Joining the Young Woodworkers Kit Club

Joining the club is super easy. First you enter your information on this page, and then you’ll be shipped your first box for just $9.99.

After that, every six weeks your card will be automatically charged $19.99 and you will be shipped a new box. In my opinion, the materials and the actual activity are a steal for the price you are getting it for.

You can also cancel at any time without penalty so you aren’t locked into anything plus they also offer a money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the kit!

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Brandi Jordan
Brandi Jordan


My daughter would LOVE making this! She's the builder in the family! =)



Wow! My boys would love this!

Kasey  Schwartz
Kasey Schwartz


This looks so fun!!! I know that my kids would love making it AND playing with it!



What a unique gift! I love this.