Creative Girl's Club: Crafts for Girls

This subscription box is perfect for getting your girls to explore their creativity!

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It isn’t easy to get kids out from in front of the electronics and working on something creative.

Now, kids prefer to do “creative” things on electronics, but there is a difference between coloring on paper and coloring on an app. I don’t know about you, but I want my kids exploring their creativity!

The worst age for electronic obsession is definitely pre-teen/teenagers.

When they aren’t at school, how often is your preteen in front of the TV? A lot of schools even have their students doing homework on electronics now!

That is one of the biggest reasons why we love subscription boxes. Not only do kids love getting things in the mail, but they love completing the activities that come inside of the packages!

I tried out the Creative Girl’s Club Kit with my daughter and even though she is only 3 we still had a blast. The creative projects that came in this kit were ideal for 7-12 year olds. I wish I would have invited my daughter’s cousins over because at 10 and 12 they would have loved it!

Creative Girl’s Club

The Creative Girl's Club is a subscription box that sends out to your house every 4-6 weeks with 2 different creative projects for 7-12 year olds!

Our two crafts were so much fun! Our first craft was to create 3 different bracelets (this one was my daughter’s favorite). It came with the string, beads, and clamps needed to make them sturdy and adorable.

What I loved most about both of these projects was that the instructions were so well detailed that kids could do them on their own. When making the bracelets it required that I tie a knot that I had absolutely never heard of (haha), but when I looked back in the directions it was clear as day how to complete the knot.

The bracelets we made were super cute and my daughter has been wearing them around all day.

Our second project was a jewelry organizer! This one was really fun because it involved painting and what kid doesn’t love painting? I even loved making it!

Creative Girl's Club provided everything we needed to make the organizer. I was super impressed with the quality of the actual frame.

We used the paints provided and were going to use the glitter that came in the box too until someone...a certain 3 year old of mine...dumped the glitter all over our dog to make her “sparkly”.

I’ll be cleaning that up for a while!

They provided hooks to hang the jewelry on and the holes were already pre made so all we had to do was twist the hooks in where they belonged.

Ordering a Creative Girl’s Club Kit

Ordering the kit is super easy and Creative Girl’s Club is even offering your first kit to be only $1.99 + processing fees and shipping!

After that, each kit will be delivered to your house with 2 crafts inside every 4-6 weeks. The best part of it all is that the recurring kits are only $9.99! That is such a good price for what is offered in the kits!

In each kit you’ll see things like more jewelry, painting, paper crafts, and crafting with materials like clay, soap, and fabrics!

We hope you have a blast with your kits just like we did! You can order them here.