You will have so much fun with these animal paper plate crafts!

by Rachel

With some paper plates and paints you can make your own zoo for your kids! So fun!


Tropical fish – We love the bright colors and variety in these adorable fishies! Frown clown fish to polka dotted and everything in between, your little ones can let their own creativity shine when making their own personalized fish!

Mouse – This sweet little mouse can be your companion for lots of sweet stories or stand on his own at a little mouse party or in a cat/mouse combination! While the real animal might make us skittish we can’t get enough of this cute little guy!

Lady bug – Every one loves lady bugs, and this adorable craft is sure to be a crowd pleaser! The wings even open and close to reveal a little surprise underneath!

We can’t get over how cute these paper parrots are! The little leg/stick to held them with makes it a lot easier on the little ones too. They won’t break their craft when they try to play with them this way!

Penguin – There is just something so love-able about penguins! This sweet little guy is no different. Super easy to make with some simple folds, painting and gluing!

Giraffe – The little horns just make this one as cute as she could possibly be! You’ll need to make time to let one coat of paint dry on this giraffe plate, but the adorableness totally makes up for the wait time!

Snake – Some quick painting and some clever cutting make this sweet bouncy snake that your kids will LOVE.

Zebra – Isn’t this little zebra just a cutie! Paper, paints and paper plates make this adorable zebra!

Piggy Plates – Use plates, paint, googley eyes and pieces of egg carton to make the nose! We can’t get over the adorableness here! You can even make a full size paper pig using this tutorial!

Spider – The little spider craft is made with eyes and pipe cleaners! You can even add a string to let him climb up and down your wall (or any spare water spouts you may have lying around).

Turtle – We couldn’t find the full tutorial for this turtle, but it’s easy enough to figure out! Your kids will love letting these turtles walk around on the floor or tables!

Toucan – We’re loving all the curves! It’s got a fancy paint job and will take some clever cutting and this gorgeous bird will come to life, one of the prettiest paper plate crafts!

Snail – You’ll need a little extra paper to make the body of the snail, but some paints and swirls will make this gorgeous snail’s shell look just right!

Bird – We love the combination of colors and feathers for this gorgeous bird! Since you are combining colors Every bird will have it’s own unique hues and beauty!

Sheep – Shredded paper make this sheep look all nice a fluffy! You could even exchange black felt for the paper used on the face and ears to make her fuzzy!

Polar Bear – This little guy can thrive in cold or warm weather, making for fun all year round!

Cat – We love the arch to this kitty’s back! His ears and tail make him look almost real!

Whale – Chop off the bottom of this plate to make this whale with a tale! He even has paper-water blowing out from the top!

Hedgehog – Folding, coloring and some quick snipping with scissors will make this adorable hedgehog!

Duck – Adding some feathers for extra softness to this little ducky. We love the character that his feet and beak add as well!

Jellyfish – Even though this one is made with a paper bowl, not a plate, we couldn’t let this one pass! We love the way the ribbons add a touch of sparkle to this gorgeous jellyfish!

Bunny – This sweet bunny rabbit is so colorful it is sure to make your kiddos smile.

Do your little ones love animals as much as we do? What of these paper plate crafts is your favorite?