Games with chalk can be so much more than just the simple hopscotch and drawing stick figures.

by Liz

With summer approaching, we’re looking for more creative ways to get outside and play with our kids. Games with chalk is a great place to start.

We’ve put together a list of unique games with chalk from the wonderful posts linked up on Kids Activities Blog It’s Playtime! meme.


1.Create an outdoor race track for your toy cars by laying out paving stones and using chalk to create the road lines.

2.Teach letter recognition by writing out the alphabet outside in sidewalk chalk, and then using a hockey stick or something similar, hit a puck (or ball) and name the letter it lands on.

3.Write out numbers in chalk and then have your kids roll the dice. They must add up their total and hop through the numbers to reach the one they rolled.

4.Have fun playing the classic game of hopscotch by drawing out squares and number each one 1-10. This is great excercise for little ones!

5.Use those extra paving stones lying around and build them into the shape of a rainbow. Your kids can take their sidewalk chalk and color in rainbow colors to finish it up.

6.Trace your childs shadows with chalk to create a sundial. You can teach your kids a lot about how the earth moves throughout the day by making a new shadow every hour.

7.Make art with your kids by finding items outside like leaves and twigs and using them to color on paper with chalk.

8.A twist on the ever popular tic-tac-toe; draw your board and toss bean bags into the square you’d like to claim.

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