Quiet time activities are perfect for your kids that have stopped taking daily naps

by Liz

But are still in need of a little down time. If you aren’t able to get them to lay down for a bit of rest, trying these activities may be a great solution.

All of these activities are quiet, simple, and don’t involve a lot of energy from the kids. They can sit down with them and quietly engage for a bit. One in particular may even help them fall asleep! (Number six.)

  1. Give your kids the building pieces and let them create a marshmallow tower. They can break it down and reconstruct a new one again and again.
  2. Keep nine quiet activities together and ready to go with this travel activity bag.
  3. Make these squishy sensory balls for your kids to play with during their quiet time.
  4. Use this printable to cut felt into facial features for a quiet felt shapes game.
  5. Keep an activity box that has lots of simple activities like stickers, pipe cleaners and finger puppets.
  6. Make this glowing sensory bottle for your kids and let them sit down in a quiet place to shake and count the stars.
  7. This DIY clipping toy can keep kids quietly entertained and also working on fine motor skills.
  8. Print off some of our coloring pages and let them sit and color during their quiet time.
  9. Make them a shapes and colors busy bag with these free printables.
  10. If you let your kids have screen time, letting them play some of these educational apps may be a great quiet time activity.

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