Here at Kids Activities Blog we have been in LOVE with band bracelets and all sorts of loom bracelets.

by Sarah Dees

That is why we are so excited to day to have some non-bracelet rainbow loom projects!

At our house, we love to create Rainbow Loom Charms band bracelets, but a kid can only wear so many! My oldest son has taken to making all sorts of charms on his loom. Charms are fun because you can use them as key chains, zipper pulls, or trade them with friends.

We own the original Rainbow Loom, but the boys have broken two hooks! We replaced the plastic Rainbow Loom hooks with metal crochet hooks – size f. This has been working well.

Here are five of our favorite loom band charms. Each charm has a link to the tutorial.


This lightsaber charm is a great project for someone who is getting started learning to make charms. The process to make it is similar to the basic chain bracelet. You can find the full instructions here: Lightsaber Charm Tutorial

Snake Charm

Once you master the technique for this snake charm, you can make them as long as you want to! You can find the tutorial here: How to Make Loom Band Snakes


These skateboard charms are so fun to make in all different colors! The axles are bamboo skewers and the wheels are pony beads. Click here for the full tutorial: Skateboard Loom Band Charm


My boys love ninjas, and this action figure was a favorite project! We used this tutorial: Rainbow Loom Ninja Tutorial


This chameleon charm was my oldest son’s creation, and I just love it! You can find the tutorial here: Rainbow Loom Chameleon Charm