Creating crafty and thought-filled Valentines does not need to require a time investment.

We've scoured the internet and have found 30 Valentines that you can do with and for your kids - making dozens of valentines in an hour or less.

DIY Valentine Ideas

If you are looking for Valentine Ideas for a class these are easy to mass produce for a crowd!

And, kids will love them!

Make a Valentine Card for the reader in your life. With a felt paperclip bookmark. They will "love" their book. (via Thirty Hand Made Days)

Let the kids in your life know that "They Rock" with their very own pet decorated rock. (via Blog Honest)

Window clings are fun for kids to make and fun for them to decorate with (via Connection We Share)

Help the gardener in your life prepare for spring with a paper seed heart filled with hope of flowers! (via JA Monkey)

Kids love to collect "signs" of friendship. Friendship bracelets are a classic - and this printable will make it an easy Valentine. (via Dandee)

Be creative. See if you can find items at the discount rack that you can re-purpose into a Valentine, like these Eraser Valentines. (via Mama Miss)

Are your kids fans of Frozen? The Movie? This is a cute snowman themed valentine snack. (via One Creative Mommy)

Fruits are a naturally sweet treat! Here are three printables to make oranges, bananas and apples into valentines. (via Twig & Thistle)

Fudge. Yummy! I know I would *love* strawberry pecan fudge as my after school smile-in-my-tummy. (via What2Cook)

Popsicles are fun. Especially the drip-free kind! These Valentine layered pops are made of jello. (via Jelly Shot Test)

Valentine smores are tasty - all the fun of a campfire without the flames. (via KAB)

Cut up some fruit into a fun and cheery cupid. (via Spoonful)

Give a group of best pals a set of blocks. Together they make the puzzle! (via Studio DIY)

This Clothespin valentine is adorable "I chews you!" (via All for the Boys)

Make a Valentine Maze for your kids to solve - this one is magnetic! (via KAB)

"I think you are just write" - and every kid loves a new twistable pencil or crayon - at least my kids love them! (via Bits of Everything)

Grab a handful of glow sticks and with this printable, you have a fun kid-friendly valentine. (via Delia Creates)

Gift your child with items to make a valentines day collage. (via KAB)

Mustaches are cool!! And tasty lollipops are fun too!! This Valentines printable combines both. (via I Heart Naptime)

Transform a container of tic-tacs into a valentine with these "mint" printables. (via Chachin on a Shoestring)

Hide some treats inside these crafty Owls. "I'm Hooting for you!!" "You are a hoot!" (via Bird and a Bean)

Get multiple colors of M&Ms to create a personalized game of tic-tac-toe for your kids to enjoy. (via 733 Blog)

Have your kids make a paper heart chain. Add a note about what you appreciate about the person on each heart. Grandma would love this! (via Lalymom)

Create a paper flower with this simple tutorial - add a message that your kids can read when they unravel the flower. (via Dozi Design)

Write a secret message to your kids on their bananas in the morning. By afternoon the message will appear. (via A Stylish Little Lady)

Give your loved ones a puzzler with a coded message Valentine. Here are some fun "secret code" ideas. (via KAB)

Googly eyes are so silly and fun. This DIY Printable Valentine is easy enough for young tots to help assemble. (via AR Mommy)

Tell your family members all the things that you appreciate about them - all the little things you love about them. You will make their day with a love jar (via Creme de la Craft)

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