Kids will love making these popsicle stick crafts!

We love to show you children’s crafts that can be made with low-cost easy-to-find materials.

This handpicked collection of 30 of the best children’s Popsicle stick crafts tick all the boxes and are guaranteed to bring oooodles of fun and engagement for your kids at home and at school.

Popsicle sticks have SO SO many possibilities – always have a bag at home for those afternoon of boredom!


Turn family photos into fun moveable craft stick puppets with MollyMooCrafts

Popsicle stick canvases – Very cute craft project and great gift idea! via baby-jungle

Colour popping craft stick wreath – I want to try dip dying sticks right now! just beautiful from babbledabbledo

Farm Small World with Barn Craft
I just ADORE this gorgeous popsicle stick play world by Heather at crayonboxchronicles. Beyond cute!

A gorgeous little fine motor skills project – fun color sorting activity as well as a learning to count to 20 little hedgehog project by Powerful Mothering

Craft Stick Dolls – I ™ve never witnessed my daughter so engaged, bordering on fanatic, about a craft as she was with these Craft Stick Dolls. Pop over to MollyMooCrafts to see all the character possibilities

A bright and cheerful handprint flower garden craft with popsicle stick stems via funhandprintartblog

Scooby Doo popsicle stick dolls – such a great color mixing activity for learning primary and secondary colors through fun character rich crafting, right here on KidsActivitiesBlog

Homemade weaving looms made with popsicle sticks – so so pretty by buggyandbuddy

Invite some fairy magic into your home by making and hanging fairy doors – how sweet is this popsicle stick fairy door by danyabanya

Craft Stick Bracelets – a fabulously detailed photo tutorial on how to curve craft sticks to make pretty bracelets via MollyMooCrafts

The cutest little craft stick kitty to accompany storytime via MamaSmiles

Popsicle Stick Play Mat such a sweet idea for breathing new life into toys that haven’t been played with for a while via letsdosomethingcrafty

For older children check out this amazing exploding chain reaction with popsicle sticks by Jennifer Cooper of Classic-Play for PBS Parents

Barnyard Farm Animals – make animals out of craft sticks, their boundaries are almost limitless via Crafts By Amanda

Make word spacers out of popsicle sticks, great idea via Therapy Fun Zone

Make an Abacus!!! with popsicle sticks and beads – genius idea from KidsActivtiesBlog

Classic craft stick frames – for the kids’ favorite family, pet and playdate photos via KidsActivitiesBlog

Home is Where Mom Is  Popsicle Stick Mother’s Day Craft via craftymorning

Build Your Own Glider Clever craft idea by a 6yr old boy – inspired to create by his mom Aysh on wordsnneedles

Your toddler will absolutely love making Sticker Picture Frames
Such an easy project to set up, and a great rainy day activity or playdate project via pleasantestthing

Alphabet Flower Garden – a perfectly pretty project for children to learn individual literacy skills through play! via buggyandbuddy

DIY Craft Stick Bookmarks – make for a lovely activity for encouraging young readers and gifts for best friends. via MollyMooCrafts

Popsicle Stick Puzzles – fun to make, fun to paint and fun to play with via pequeocio

And you can see photographic popsicle stick puzzles on Adventures of Adam

A super simple and sweet paper boat craft with popsicle stick oars via KidsActivitiesBlog Cute!

Velcro Dot Craft Sticks
Keep the kids busy while encouraging and building upon creative use and learning with Nicolette Roux

Popsicle Stick Fencing for Small World Play
Time to get building new fences for some small world farm play. Grab the little animals and get playing with PowerfulMothering

Craft Stick Initial Plaque, perfect for bed rood doors and playrooms by creative family fun

Craft sticks are perfect for making train tracks for Small World Pretend Model Train play. See the magic on play trains

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