Have you tried making your kids sensory bags? They are so much fun!

Kids love playing with them and they are easy to make. Plus, there are endless possibilities.

If you’re looking for inspiration or a new idea to try, here is a huge list of sensory bags to make.

20 Sensory Bags To Make

Ocean – This fun sensory bag looks just the deep blue ocean!

Baby Water Blob – Even the little ones can play with this fun sensory bag.

Fall – This is so fun and festive for fall. via Kids Play Box

Halloween – Here are three fun bags for Halloween that your kids will love! via Plain Vanilla Mom

Googley Eyes – Green and gooey, this bag is perfect for Halloween! via Clare’s Little Tots

Watermelon – This squishy bag looks and feels like the inside of a watermelon. What a fun way to play without making a mess! via Fantastic Fun and Learning

Playdough – Flattened playdough and a few shiny pom poms make a fun baby activity. via Simple Fun For Kids

Nature – Use things you find outside on a nature walk to make this fun suncatcher sensory bag. via Hands On As We Grow

Lava Lamp – This is so fun – make your own little lava lamp bag that glows! via Growing A Jeweled Rose

Christmas Tree – Perfect for the holidays, make this Christmas tree sensory bag! via Mom Inspired Life

Goo Bag – Play with goo without making a huge mess. This bag is so fun for little hands. Hello Bee

Sparkle Snow – via Glowing A Jeweled Rose

Night Sky – This is beautiful and looks like the night sky. So fun. via Learning And Exploring Through Play

Magnetic Polka Dots – Inspired by the book Press Here, this is onf of my favorite sensory bags ever! via Mama Papa Bubba

Snowflakes – Perfect for winter, this snowflake bag is so much fun. via B-Inspired Mama

Frozen – This winter sensory bag is perfect for the snowy months. via A Little Pinch of Perfect

Red Apples – This activiyy goes with the book Ten Red Apples and is fun for little hands. via I Can Teach My Child

Gelatin Squish Bag – This one is edible! via Stay At Home Educator

Learn To Write – For a fun pre-writing activity, make these sensory bags! via Pre-School Play

Grinch – Watch the Grinch Stole Christmas this holiday and then make this fun sesnsory bag! via Growing A Jeweled Rose