Galaxy crafts are so much fun! It’s no wonder everyone is loving all things galaxy – it is gorgeous!

If you’ve been bit by the galaxy bug and are looking for more fun things to do and make – we’ve got a big list!

16 Cool Galaxy Crafts

Galaxy In A Bottle – Let your kids put the whole galaxy inside a bottle!

Galaxy Confetti Slime – Add sparkling confetti stars to galaxy slime for even more fun tactile play.

Galaxy Rocks – The kids can paint a galaxy rock to keep in their pocket! via Love and Marriage

Easter Eggs – These aren’t just for Easter – these galaxy eggs are so cool I would make them all year round. via Dream A Little Bigger

Galaxy Necklace – You could take the galaxy with you everywhere you go if you put it in a necklace!

Oobleck – My kids love playing with oobleck and when it looks like the galaxy it’s even cooler! via Two Daloo

Galaxy Slime – When you’re done with the oobleck, then try slime! We love this stuff. via Two Daloo

Play Dough – This galaxy playdough would keep my kids busy playing for hours! via Growing A Jeweled Rose

Galaxy Shoes – Upcycle a pair of shoes to look like the galaxy. I would totally wear these! via DIY Projects for Teens

Soap – Why not even take a bath with the galaxy? This soap is really pretty. via Soap Queen

Galaxy Bark – This chocolate bark really does look like the galaxy! This would be a fun treat to make with the kids. via Life With The Crust Off

Galaxy Bottle – Here is another great version of the galaxy bottle. Kids are mesmerized by this! via Lemon Lime Adventures

Nails – I can’t wait to try galaxy nails! These are beautiful.via DIY Projects for Teens

Night Light – This is a great project for kids to help with. They can make their own galaxy night light! via Punk Projects

Galaxy Letters – Or they could decorate their room with galaxy letters spelling their name! via Beauty Lab

Shorts – These shorts would be a lot of fun to make this summer. via OMG How

Galaxy Ornaments – These ornaments are not just for Christmas – my kids would love to hang them in their rooms!