Building listening skills is really important for little ones. These activities are a wonderful thing to implement around the house if you are working on getting your kids to listen a bit better.

We found these and so much more fun over on our Facebook page and our activity link-ups. Head over and share yours, too!

  1. Make a simple DIY telephone and then turn it into a listening game!
  2. Listening to directions of how to stack a tower of blocks make this activity one kids will love to do because they already know the answers! From Hands On As We Grow.
  3. The Sound Box is a musical listening game for small children. From Let’s Play Kids Music.
  4. Narrate some basic instructions about animal characters and what they are doing. Have your child listen and move the characters along to the story. From In The Playroom.
  5. Go on a sound hunt outside and think about all the different noises you hear along the way. From Inspiration Laboratories.
  6. Playing a simple game of Red Light, Green Light is such a fun way to work on those early listening skills. My two-year old loves this!
  7. Grab those extra Easter eggs and fill them with odds and ends, then let your kids shake them and guess what is inside. From A Mom With A Lesson Plan.
  8. Try playing the rain game with your kids. Such a classic and wonderful activity! From Moments A Day.
  9. Learn about a listening app with games and exercises for kids. From The Preschool Toolbox Blog.
  10. Make your own sound cylinders to help you kids understand the intensity of sound. From Living Montessori Now.
  11. Play freeze dance to get your kids to hone in on their listening skills. Play some music and stop it every so often which tells them to freeze. From Sing Dance Play Learn.
  12. Put a pair of bunny ears on the leader and take turns playing Bunny Says – a fun take on Simon Says. From Pre-K Pages
  13. Play this game called “Do 3 Things” that helps with listening skills and also secretly convinces them to pick up their toys. Shh! From Inspiration Laboratories.
  14. Try this fun version of hide and seek that only uses your sense of hearing. From Mosswood Connections.
  15. Here is a list of 12 listening activities for your preschooler to try.

oh boy, my little guy is having serious issues with attention lately, he's practically not responding to anything other than stuff that entertains him at the moment. it's not that he doesn't care, he just doesn't bother listening when he's occupied with something. Only way to get his attention is to offer a bribe haha, like offer him to play papa's games http://allpapasgames.com/ (cooking game series that he loves). I'm definitely going to try few of this tips and see what happens. :(( thanks for the post.