If you’re like me, you feel bad throwing away all the magazines you ™ve already read.

I mean after all, there’s tons of ways to create crafts from magazines. So stop hoarding and start creating!


Looking for some different ideas? Below are ten of our favorite ways to recycle magazine pages into fun craft projects and beautiful pieces of art!


There are several creative ways to make crafts from old magazines and moms just like you have been crafting with them for many years.

Some of the classics I ™ve seen around are:

1.Collages – Making a collage is a fun way to spark creativity and create a one of a kind keepsake. Give your kids a piece of 8.5″ x 11″ card stock or construction paper and some glue. Ask them to pick a theme for their collage. Using that theme, have them go through stacks of magazines and cut out pictures for their project. For example, if Tom wants his collage to be about dogs, have him find pictures of different dogs, dog food, bowls, a park, fire hydrants, dog houses, etc. They can be as creative or inventive as they like. Once their pictures are cut out, have them glue them all over the construction paper, overlapping if they like.

2.Decoupage – Pictures cut from magazines are great for decoupage projects. First, to create your own decoupage medium, mix together equal parts of white glue and water. Use a paint brush to combine, adding more glue or water if needed to make it to a milky, paintable solution. Use a paint brush to apply decoupage to empty vegetable cans, pieces of scrap wood, or empty glass jars. Lay your picture on the decoupaged area, then paint a layer of decoupage on top of the picture. Use the paint brush to smooth out the piece and get rid of any bubbles or lines.

3.Beads – Making magazine beads is lots of fun and they can be very colorful and unique! They are time consuming and best suited for children that are elementary aged and up. You can make beads of all sizes and all you need are strips cut from magazine pages, a dowel or straw to wrap them around and some glue to secure them. Sealer is a good idea to protect your hard work, so instead of glue you can always opt for a decoupage medium such as Mod Podge (affiliate link), which acts as a glue and sealer.

4.Mosaics – You don’t have to stick with pictures, but pick colors instead. For example, find a picture of grass for “green” and a picture of the sky for “blue”. Cut or tear the sky and grass into smaller pieces to make your own colorful designs. Use these smaller pieces to create fun mosaic designs. You can cut colorful pages into squares or simply tear them into chunks, then glue them into a design on a piece of construction paper. Make a fun sunflower by cutting or tearing up pieces yellow and pasting them onto your paper to create petals. Use brown scraps for the center of the flower and green for the stems and leaves. Be even more thorough and use blue and white to fill in the sky and clouds for the background of your creation.