Making DIY chalk is a fun project to make with the kids.

In the warmer months of the year, when we're spending lots of time outside, playing with chalk is one of our favorite activities. There are so many fun ways to make it yourself, including some really awesome ideas like exploding chalk and glow in the dark chalk!

13 Ways To Make DIY Chalk

Chalk Rocks - Use balloons to mold this chalk recipe into the shape of rocks. So fun!

Spray Chalk - This liquid chalk in a spray bottle makes really beautiful patterns on the sidewalk. via Cutting Tiny Bites

Chalk Pops - Make a chalk popsicle (but don't eat it!) This is fun because you have a built in handle if you aren't in the mood to get messy. via Project Nursery

Squirt Chalk - Use vinegar to make this fizzy chalk. Mix them together to create new colors! via Growing A Jeweled Rose

Egg Chalk - The secret ingredient to this chalk paint is an egg!

Heart Chalk - This sweet recipe is adorable and easy to make. via Princess Pinky Girl

Glitter Chalk Paint - Your kiddos will love this sparkly chalk recipe! via The Imagination Tree

Erupting Ice Chalk - This cool chalk recipe will cool you down on a summer day and has a really neat effect. via Learn Play Imagine

Glow In The Dark Chalk Paint - Make this on a summer night and watch your sidewalk glow! via Growing A Jeweled Rose

Chalk Bombs - Fill up a water ballon with this chalk recipe and toss it to watch it explode! via Reading Confetti

Frozen Chalk - This one is totally perfect for a hot summer day. via The Kennedy Adventures

4th of July Chalk - This red, white and blue recipe is fun for the 4t of July! via Party Delights

Scented Chalk - Use your favorite flavor of KoolAid to make chalk paint that smells delicious. via via Learn Play Imagine

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