Bet you've never seen someone ride a bike quite like THIS before!

Sometimes in life you have to stop and appreciate something great. Acknowledge that there is someone out there who can do something so amazing, and so different than what you've ever seen before that they're worthy of your time. And in those moment sometimes we see true beauty. This is one of those moments. I'm not quite sure what an EMS Cup is, but Nicole Frýbortová is arguably an expert. The video starts with the young woman gliding around in a ring on a bicycle, then, standing on the seat. Then, the handlebars.

That's when things start getting interesting. Nicole is able to do things with this bike that no person should be able to do. She's guiding it in a way that makes you forget for a moment that she's on a bike. To me, it reminded me of the kinds of acts usually seen during a rodeo freestyle performance. Only, instead of a well-trained animal performing along with the artist, Nicole is performing on her own. This is all on her own.

And that's where my jaw drops. The realization that she's able to maneuver a bicycle from standing to sitting, backwards, forwards, circles, dancing, gliding - in every which way possible, as if guided by an invisible hand...and she's doing it completely through practice and sheer artistry. Wow.

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