THIS is why we teach kids to walk in front of the school bus!

Teaching kids how to safely cross roads after getting off a bus is crucially important! Just ask the parents of this child. While getting off of a school bus, this excited child ran behind the bus and straight into the path of an oncoming semi truck!

Luckily, no one was injured, physically at least, but this could have ended in such tragedy if not for the amazing breaks and fast reflexes of the truck driver. If that driver had looked away for even one second, this would have had a heartbreaking ending.

So what IS the safest way for a child to cross? According to an article by law firm Allen and Allen, it's this:

"Where to cross. Crossing the street is always dangerous, and a child should cross the street in front of the school bus. Immediately after descending from the bus, he should turn left, walk straight for at least ten to fifteen feet, and then make eye contact with the driver before he starts to cross the street in front of the school bus. Your child needs to understand that if he cannot see the bus driver, from his vantage point, the driver probably can't see him. Most bus drivers will give your child a signal to begin crossing the street. Make sure your child knows to wait for this signal."

This child was lucky, but so many others aren't.This close shave should be a reminder to all of us to talk to our kids about bus safety, and make sure they understand!

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