After weeks of preparing, and days of cooking sometimes Thanksgiving...

...well, sometimes it just isn't what you wanted it to be. And it can be a letdown, for sure. The turkey is burned, or dried out. The kids squabble. The relatives are basically kids, but with louder squabbles. The pies are only half cooked and...how exactly did it burn on top and still stay frozen on the inside? It's just, all that stress can make it seem like Thanksgiving isn't worth it, but, well, once it's all said and done we have to remember why we're there.

Beyond the stress, the food, the everythings that come up on Thanksgiving - beyond all of that we have a chance to actually sit down with the people we love and tell them that we love them. And that's an amazing gift. Sure, we might have to use a gallon of gravy just to choke that turkey down, but the day isn't about that. It feels like it is sometimes, but it's more. This Thanksgiving look around your table. Forget the food, and the fussing, and the mess that is going to have to be cleaned up later...just remember how much you love the people who are sitting there with you.

Families are messy. Thanksgiving is messy. But giving thanks is easy...it's just remembering that these messy people mean the world to you and you are so grateful for them. That's why we do it.

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