One trickster besting another - this was hilarious!

Some teachers go out of their way to make school as great as possible for their students. Fourth grade teacher Joe Dombrowski, from Michigan, goes out of his way to make school as memorable and fun as it can be. He creates fun memories for his kids so that they'll love coming to school - instead of dread it.

To that end, Joe also plays a lot of pranks on his kids and fellow teachers. His class has a pet python, so one of his favorite pranks is to show up to teachers who hate snakes with python in hand. But none of his pranks were as memorable as a fake spelling test he gave his kids. With words like "speekuzslmn" and "tangateen" and 'gurlll' with an umlaut over the u, his kids weren't sure if their teacher lost it or if they were just having a really bad spelling day.

Well, Ellen saw the video of Mr. D. doing his thing and decided not only did she want to reward him with checks for his school, but also bring him back to play a prank on Him. The results? Hilarious. Mr. D. has to be one of our favorite people of all time, and the fact that he does so much for his kids makes us love him even more. Huge thanks to Ellen for recognizing such an incredible teacher, and to his kids for being such great sports.

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