Another Halloween activity! We love Halloween so much! I love that Rory is getting so into Halloween too!

by Havalyn

Just the other day she asked me if we were going to make any witches! (Now I am thinking of another project we can do before Halloween that incorporates witches!).

One of my favorite things about Halloween, is being able to have my own haunted house and hand out candy. I think Rory is really going to love seeing all the costumes and of course all the candy! We decided to make a spider candy basket for Daddy, so he could take up to his work and hand out to all of his friends!


  • Paper plates
  • strong craft glue (or strong tape)
  • pipe cleaners
  • paint
  • googly eyes (or white paper to make your own eyes)
  • paper to make mouths and teeth
  • string

These are fun to make, it may have been our last opportunity to paint outside before it gets too cold! We made two different types of spiders, one spider candy basket and just one big spider to hang up in the house!

Take one of the paper plates and set it face up (like if you had a sandwich on the plate). To make the candy bag spiders: cut the paper plates, to make the big spiders, leave them in a circle. Get out eight pipe cleaners (or however many legs you want your spider to have) and place a generous amount of glue on the tips of the pipe cleaners. Make sure you count all the pipe cleaners with your little one!

The pipe cleaners are hard to glue down, so if your glue doesn't work feel free to use tape and tape four of them to each side. For the full circle spiders, you can tape the pipe cleaners to the inside of the plate and then put a generous amount of glue around the outside of lip of the paper plate. Put the other paper plate on top of the paper plate filled with glue. Let them dry (yes….this is the hardest part is to let them dry!)

When the paper plates are completely dry you can now add eyes, a mouth, teeth, and any anything else you would like. We also made little accordions for their backs!

We added some candy and Rory likes to carry the spiders around like a purse!

For More fun activities and more information please visit Rory's blog!

Happy Halloween!