If this isn't a Christmas miracle, I don't know what is!

Max is 25, but mentally is about five-years-old. Every year he wants the same thing for Christmas, which would be fine if what he wanted were socks, or a specific book. But no, Max's favorite toy since 2000 is a Blue Police Hummer truck, which has been discontinued for quite a while now. His sister and Reddit user, aishavoya, has gone out of her way each year to make sure Max always has that specific truck under the tree. She and her family scour eBay and other online auction sites each year looking for it.

Says aishavoya, "The first thing to go are the tires. He hates the rubber tires."

Over the years aishavoya has tried to find other ways to get Max his truck, but he always knows when it isn't the real deal. "He loves the hook," she said in her post. And since he plays with his envoy of trucks year round, there have been times where they've broken. So she tried to replace the parts, but if it isn't the real thing, Max knows. "I tried to paint a different truck for him one year, but he knew it wasn't the real thing," she said. On Christmas morning, Max always wants to open the real thing.

Only, this year aishavoya wasn't able to find it on eBay. So she took her plight to Reddit, and the users there delivered in a BIG way. Some searched their own houses to find the truck, while others found it on auction sites across the globe.

But the biggest miracle happened when these users took aishavoya's search directly to Tonka, the makers of this truck. And Boy is Tonka delivering!

It's easy to be overwhelmed by Christmas. There is so much to do, and so many ways to be frustrated. But things like this - seeing the internet come together to bring the perfect gift to Max on Christmas morning - that's what Christmas is all about. And Max will never know how hard aishavoya worked to make sure he has a merry Christmas, but she'll always remember how for one Christmas the world came together to help her find exactly what she needed. Truly amazing.

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